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Is a contract valid if one of the party doesn't even read it?

You might think someone must be stupid to sign a contract without even reading it. Yet I see it happen all the time, when contracts are just too long and there's no time to read stuff you suppose you ...
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What are the legal protections to buy if seller refunds instead of delivering what was purchased, which causes monetary losses?

I purchased a laptop from a manufacturer from their own website brand new. I bought the laptop because this is the only laptop which contains the feature that I require for my needs. There is no other ...
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is a finger squiggle on an iPad truly binding?

We recently had a massive hailstorm and, following that storm, we saw an endless stream of roofing contractors knocking on our door. We're in Boulder County, Colorado. A representative from one of ...
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What gives e-signatures legal standing/force in the United States?

Having seen language in digital contract signing that basically say that you have to agree to use an e-signature as a signature, I feel like there's a bit of a problem in that needing to agree to use ...
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