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Where is a TOS binding without affrimative acceptance? Where is it not?

When a website uses a "browser wrap" or "agreement of adhesion" approach to its Terms of Service (ToS) document, relying on language such as: Each time you access and/or use any ...
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If there are any fully valid/legally accepted digital/electronic signature techniques in the US

After reading this from 2016 "it remains to be seen" if in the US digital/electronic signatures will be acceptable in court as a valid alternative to "wet" signatures. I'm wondering if this problem ...
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Terms of Service and Adversarially Interoperable Apps

Applications like NewPipe and Geddit seem to be becoming more popular. These applications are "adversarially interoperable": they work with and can display content from large services such ...
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Are digital signatures enforceable (legally binding) across the EU?

While setting up an account with an online service I was told by support that I cannot complete the application because the country I'm based in has not enacted legislation accepting electronic ...
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Do I have to attribute Apache font license when using it for e-book and print book?

I'm currently in the process of writing a book, and I'm using mostly OFL fonts in it, but I also find some Apache licensed fonts very attractive and would like to use them. The condition for using ...
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Selling digital tickets who owns the data?

If I sell digital tickets in the UK using an online platform, and they provide the means for me to download that data, who owns that data? Is it the person who paid for the ticket, the platform or me ...
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