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What if someone goes on protected leave and their employer thus realizes they don't need them?

Say that Ash works for Big Co. and goes on some kind of legally protected leave (FMLA leave, parental leave, etc.) because of some protected characteristic (such as having acquired a disability and/or ...
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Must Waitrose modify its free coffee machines for Barbara?

Waitrose has a policy of giving one free coffee from an automatic dispensing machine per day to its Waitrose card holders if they make any other purchase using their MyQaitrose card. Barbara suffers a ...
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What is the implementation cost threshold for a requested reasonable adjustment to become unreasonable?

Under the equality act 2010 one may request structural adjustments to premises Abe other adjustments at the service provider’s expense. How much must these cost to implement before they are considered ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Are the US consulates obligated to provide reasonable accommodations for medical conditions (for non-citizens)?

I see that some consulates have information about this on their websites for instance, but some don't. Are they obligated to provide such accommodations by the law, or it's a merely at-will decision? ...
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Do practices, criteria, or provisions applied not of A’s own initiative but by statutory mandate have relevance to the Equality Act?

The equality act in various contexts including those concerning indirect discrimination and the duty to make reasonable adjustments, refers to “practices, criteria or provisions” that may be applied ...
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