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Statement of Economic Interests for website [closed]

I have purchased a Domain name and am planning to build a website for the domain name. I have not published a website yet. I have not received any funds for building the website or business. I also ...
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Oregon property disclosure law: buyer discovers cracking foundation that seller did not disclose - 20 months after closing

I purchased a 110 year old house 18 months ago and am living in it. At the time of sale I waived inspection and did As-Is based on two factors: a 3rd party inspection was provided to me from buyer ...
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Can the Vice-President (of the US) violate classified information distribution rules?

AIUI, since the agencies that determine what government information is classified or not ultimately all work for the President, said President cannot violate classified disclosure laws by definition. ...
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Defendant's right to surprise prosecution at trial

Common law disclosure obligations between prosecutors and defendants appear to be imbalanced: prosecutors basically have to disclose everything they have on defendants defendants have to disclose ...
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Do hotels in California have an obligation to disclose prior report of bed bug presence?

I wonder whether hotels in California have a legal obligation to disclose prior reports of bed bug presence, if a potential customer enquires about it.
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Real estate law omission of important disclosure

Suppose that a person A bought a house in california three years ago. The last owner had lived in that house from the time it was built in 1964 until four years ago. When the owner passed on, the ...
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How does discovery work for financial crimes?

There is a case in the news at the moment about the post office securing 736 convictions for false accounting and theft that later some were overturned on the basis of an accounting error made by an ...
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What are some cases / journals / books about withholding favourable evidence from the defence

I have access to westlaw and lexislibrary but cannot find any relevant cases to the police or prosecution not sharing expert evidence from the defence at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated, ...
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A member of Congress subpoenas phone records and then release them: does this violate any US Laws?

If a member of Congress (e.g. Representative Schiff) subpoenas phone records of people (which is allowed) and releases them directly (in a report) or indirectly (leaked to press). Does this violate ...
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Is it okay to use my own software for a job with another company?

Over the last year I setup (registered) my own company so I could do freelance and contracting. I also produced some digital products for sale on the app stores. During that time I built a very ...
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Minor in Disclosing Party of an NDA

In an NDA, the Disclosing Party made a clause that any and all ideas generated by the Disclosing Part and labelled confidential are the property of the Disclosing Property and cannot be released ...
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Mandatory Disclosing of Minor's User Data to Minor's Guardian

I was thinking of ideas for software projects to work on, and the one I thought to try brought an interesting legal question to mind. The idea was to create a collection of tools, such as a browser, ...
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Confidentiality of an arbitration award [closed]

Namely, I come from a continental law system, that has not yet fully accepted arbitration as a method of the ADR, so I could not find any valuable information. Could you help me and point out to ...
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Must a natural spring be disclosed when buying a house?

I purchased a home last fall just to discover, come spring, that it was on a natural spring. It turned out that the spring is water table dependent and as such was not present during the time of the ...
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Patent Disclosure?

If one mentions that one is perfecting a new device to a customer and mention that the problem has been solved, would this be considered to be disclosure and trigger the one-year clock to file a ...
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Does a black belt have to tell the police that he/she is a black belt

Someone I knew told me that if a black belt in martial arts is pulled over, he/she has to tell the police that he/she is a black belt because he/she is a deadly weapon. I told him that I didn't ...
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