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Can a researcher use YouTube videos to train a ML model?

Manually migrating this from here because the answers were unsatisfactory: Can a machine ...
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Is it legal to resell products purchased from distributors?

I was trying to contact the manufacturer of a building product. He told me he wouldn't sell it to me and that I needed to go through their licensed distributor. I called the distributor and he agreed ...
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Theft as Distribution of Software

I recently posed a hypothetical to a lawyer who deals with software licensing (His role is to protect a company from accidentally misusing FOSS software) and got a startling response. My hypothetical ...
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Is it allowed to distribute images generated in DALL-E by OpenAI?

I was reading the TOS of OpenAI ( to find out whether it's legally possible to distribute images generated in the tool via Twitter or non-public platforms like ...
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How long can a fund take to distribute assets of funds to members?

If I am entitled to a distribution of assets, such as a fixed number of shares in a public company, or distribution of payments received from that company, either of which first received by a fund in ...
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Is there a license that disallows a redistribution of a product, but allows its usage?

I checked BSD, GNU GPL and Creative Commons. They all allow the redistribution with giving the credit. I, however, don't want people to redistribute my product, but only use it. Is there a license for ...
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Do I grant ditto (music distributer) a free license?

I am looking into the ditto agreement (a music distribution service that puts my music on spotify) and there is the following section in it: You agree that the licenses you grant are royalty-free, ...
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Propagation of GPLv3 licensed software

"0. Definitions" section of GPLv3 says that: To “convey” a work means any kind of propagation that enables other parties to make or receive copies. Is it also included to "any kind of ...
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Is it enforceable to restrict publication of work created with my tool

I created a software compiler, that produces some object code from original source code, and designed processes around it such as documentation and pre-processing. I plan to sell this tool providing ...
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Can you use the Raspberry Pi 4 in your own product?

Suppose I decided to create a product that used the Pi 4B as it's main processing unit. Then I made a business out of that product and had a million-dollar-company. Would the Raspberry Pi foundation ...
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Does copyright infringement by distribution have to be intentional?

Inspired by some things I've been reading: if you have a creative work which copyright law forbids you from distributing, and you're careless enough to leave a copy of the work in a situation where ...
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Is my overseas music distributor in breach of their licensing agreement? How do I get money owed to me? [closed]

When I first started making music several years ago I used a service called Music Kickup; they're based in Helsinki, Finland and I am based in California, US. They take music I send them, put it on ...
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Distribute Sysinternals free console program with my shareware application?

I am a shareware author (more on the hobbyist level) and I would like to distribute the free SysInternals program Sigcheck (a small console program) as a helper tool together with my program. Sigcheck ...
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Is it legal to sell hardware that downloads non-commercial software?

I am interested in creating and selling hardware for emulating old arcade games. However, I am very aware that there could be several legal issues here. First of all, many emulators are open-source, ...
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Can I use LGPLv3 version of Qt on Android iOS in my closed source application [closed]

I want to use LGPLv3 version of Qt in my closed source application on iOS and Android. In order to give the users the possibility to re-link with another version of the Qt I can do the following: ...
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"Not for individual resale" - really?

In at least the US and UK lots of items that are sold in multipacks come with a notice on them that often reads: Not for individual resale That always strikes me as slightly odd - it looks like it'...
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Is MCLeaks breaking the Minecraft EULA?

I have been in an argument for the last twenty or so minutes regarding the legality of a website known as "MCLeaks" (link to terms of service), which is a purveyor of free Minecraft accounts ...
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Copyright law and distribution terms for public versions or derivatives

The present question is a special case of Can one take BSD licensed code and distribute it under GPL?. Looking recently at OpenBSD's LibreSSL, I've noticed that SSLeay that it traces its roots to (...
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