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Questions tagged [district-of-columbia]

Questions concerning the laws, criminal justice system, civil court procedures and related topics specific to Washington DC. For questions pertaining to the state use the "washington" tag.

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What laws relate to the taking/possessing of foetuses?

The news today is an anti-abortion activist has been jailed. This story includes the point that in 2022 police discovered five foetuses at the home where was arrested and had lived or stayed. That ...
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Is the District of Columbia a "territory"?

Within the boundaries of the United States there were at various times "organized incorporated territories", that were not a part of any of the states and whose governments were organized by ...
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Is the district of columbia a state?

Is the District of Columbia a state? Does it operate like a state? Does the District of Columbia have a govenor? Is it special in the way it operates?
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Security Deposit Return

My landlord has not returned our deposit and the D.C. legal window to do so has expired. Upon reviewing my lease it says that the tenant must provide an address to return the deposit before the ...
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Can Someone Sue me For Lawyer Costs If I File a Police Report and they are Found Not Guilty?

The question is in the title, but I'm wondering if there's any risk to filing a police report against someone who broke a contract and stole $10,500 from me. The police report is being filed in ...
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If HR51 (admitting DC as a state excluding a "Capital" area for federal buildings) were passed, would the "Capital" be entitled to 3 electoral votes?

The House of Representatives passed H.R.51, the Washington, D.C. Admission Act. Under the current text, it would admit Washington, DC as a state, excluding a small area around the federal buildings ...
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Felony murder in the U.S. Capitol [duplicate]

Reports say that someone died during the protest/occupation at the Capital building. Given that, is it reasonable that some of the persons who stormed the building could be successfully prosecuted ...
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Does Verizon laying fios in DC automatically grant them an easement?

In general, I wanted to know what rights are granted to Verizon has when they come lay their FioS personal or business service wires. What are applicable city laws (specifically for District of ...
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What is the jurisdiction of a decision made by the District of Columbia Court of Appeals?

I am not a lawyer so please correct any terminology I have used incorrectly. What is the jurisdiction of the decision made in Warren v. District of Columbia? I.e. supposing the events that led to this ...
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