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2 answers

May I create a custom license plate myself (in Virginia) using a purchased blank plate?

I live in America (VA), and I wanted to replace my current license plate with a customized one. I found an item on Amazon, which gives me a blank black license plate with white text. The original ...
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What should a person write in "Driver license or ID card no" if s/he doesn't have a driver's licence?

Suppose that a new international student (S) in the US is looking to buy a car ASAP, but it may take few weeks before S can find free time to read and do the DMV test. But S has his or her own country'...
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What is the procedure for selling California registered vehicle to out of state buyer?

My friend is planning to sell a vehicle to an out of state buyer. We were having a debate about the process and neither of us are absolutely certain about the process. The vehicle in question is ...
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Can residents of another state(say WA) have a driving license in California?

Asking for my girlfriend. She lives in WA where we do not have a car there but visits me in CA frequently. And we have our car in CA, which she needs to drive. She does not have a WA license and does ...
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What consumer protection laws apply for toll roads that don't make change?

In California there are several toll roads where you "pay to exit." There is a light and a license plate camera if you fail to pay. A vending machine accepts only cash and only exact change. ...
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What is the procedure of buying a new car in the US( California)?

I am a new student in the US. I want to buy a car in cash and found one in the Facebook market. But I don't know what are the afterwards steps? 1- Should I give all the money in cash to the seller and ...
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