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Dog fatally attacks burglar. Is owner guily of anything?

A person owns a large, potentially dangerous dog breed such as the XL Bully, which was recently restricted in the UK. It is owned legally; the dog is registered, neutered, and all safety requirements ...
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Can a shock collar be a substitute for a leash in Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, there are state laws for handling of dogs. My dog wears a shock collar, and I know that my dog will not run and will listen to me. Do I still have to have them on a leash?
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When breeding animals, is it legal to feed them pills that increase sex drive?

Take this scenario: Owner A has dog A and has agreed with Owner B to breed dog B. However, dog A does not like dog B. To avoid missing this opportunity, owner A gives dog A medicine that increases sex ...
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Does Maine law require a tenant to leash a dog on a rented property occupied by other tenants?

I live in Maine and have a multi-unit home with two units — a first-floor unit and second-floor unit — that I rent out. The two units share the same foyer, and the tenants do not know each other well....
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What constitutes legal ownership of a dog in Utah?

Context An acquaintance rescued a dog that had been abandoned and was looking for someone to adopt her. My wife and I offered to take the dog and find her a home because we were in a better position ...
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How are dog breeds legally defined?

In the UK there are 4 breeds of dog that it is illegal to own (Pit Bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasileiro). The government says "A police or council dog expert will judge ...
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Dog bite (i.e. charge of owning an aggressive animal)

I'm curious to understand better the details of the Aggressive Animals Prohibited charge. I found a relevant discussion here: How accountable are dog owners for their animals' actions?, but I'd ...
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Would a dog attack ever be considered an assault with a deadly weapon?

Ingrid and her neighbor Fatima have a long standing dispute. One day Ingrid's dog bites Fatima. Aside from civil liability, are there circumstances where Ingrid might face assault charges, including &...
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Unlawful for dog to poop in neighbors yard?

Is it unlawful for a dog owner to allow their dog to defecate in a neighbors yard while on a walk, even if the owner picks up the dogs feces and disposes of it properly?
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Right to retract on tenancy agreement renewal (UK)

My tenancy agreement is ending soon, I currently want to have a dog and asked our current landlord if it is possible, I explicitly stated that I would not renew the tenancy if I could not have a dog. ...
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I recently had friends stay with me for the weekend with their dogs and the property manager threatened to evict me

I own my home. But I rent the land via a mobile home community. Our lease with the Lot states we can have dogs. We have 2 approved dogs. While we're renovating our home our contractor friend stayed ...
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Landlord requiring rabies vaccination for a dog under 3 months old (California)

I'll be getting an ESA (Emotional Support Animal) at the beginning of February. The dog was born in December so he'll be around two months old when I get him. MY landlord requires a letter from a ...
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Personal protection or Schutzhund dogs (UK Law)

I’ve reading on personal protection dogs or Schutzhund dogs and a lot of people and trainers seem to disagree with how or where a dog should bite in protection work. I was wondering what would ...
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Can I legally deny entry to service dogs because I have cats in my store?

The rules for the ADA about service dogs includes a section with zoos as the example. "service animals can be restricted from areas where the animals on display are the natural prey or natural ...
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Healthy animal euthanasia

My friends dog was feeling threatened and nipped a family member's arm because they werent paying attention. The nip did no damage and was as far as I know, because he was scared. Most of the family ...
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Questions about PA Dangerous Dog Laws

I am the owner of a fear reactive/aggressive dog. I live in PA. Background I take responsibility for all that my dog does, and I'm embarrassed and mortified beyond belief when he bites other dogs. I'...
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Is recording a neighbors yard legal in Colorado, USA?

In my neighborhood, the neighbor has about 3 dogs. At least one is outside and barking, seemingly all the time. (Earliest is 5-6am. Latest is midnight.) The only "authority" in the community is the ...
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leashed dog on community college campus

I live in Virginia. I am told that I am not allowed to walk my leashed dog anywhere 'on campus' of our local community college which, they say, includes the parking lots. Their website only addresses ...
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What can I do about my neighbor's aggressive dog?

My neighbor has a massive German Shepard. Every time I walk past their property with my terrier, and sometimes when I'm in lot and alley behind the neighboring apartment buildings, their dog leaps up, ...
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Is it possible to get a dog legally classified as livestock to apply defense laws?

Generally, it is only legal to shoot an attacking dog in defense of livestock. Since pet dogs are not livestock, one cannot legally defend them if attacked by another dog. The definition of "...
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My friend's dog attacked my car on their property. Who will be responsible for damages?

I went to my friends house. The dog was nice when i got there. When i left, the dog decided to attack my car and he bit the rear end of the vehicle. Who will be responsible for the damages? My ...
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Pennsylvania Leash and Dangerous Dog Unclear

The Pennsylvania dog laws are not entirely clear to me. Scenario: Just down the block, a home owner with 2 dogs had two 8 foot sections of their fence blown down late last fall. In place of the ...
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