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Using a trademarked word in the same business domain as the top-level domain (TLD) for typosquatting

In this example, the names are fictional. I have a fruit store called "aple" (with one p, which is commonly misspelled and is not a dictionary word). My real domain is ""....
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My .eu domain name was stolen. What are my options?

I have a company in a small European country, with a short, simple, generic name, say Generic, pvt. ltd. For many years, I've had the domain However, I forgot to change my owner email ...
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Claiming a domain name with a trademark

I have a trademark that got issued recently. There is a domain name with that same name that appears in my trademark that I'd like to obtain. However, that domain is registered by someone but is not ...
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Can Cloudflare override ICANN's Registrar Accreditation Agreement through a user agreement?

I moved a domain name over Cloudflare's registrar recently, and when inquiring whether I could change the nameservers to point to a third-party host, I was pointed towards a specific part of their ...
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Can you advertise against another product using domain names?

Suppose your competitor is about to release a product. Can you technically build a website with a domain name that includes their product name, such as www.better-than-...
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Trademark Protection for Domain Names

Today I purchased a few new domain names, which are composed of very general words. When I attempted to purchase a different domain,, I received warning of a trademark claim. I chose to ...
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Is .xyz not available in China? Is accreditation is required for all new TLDs?

Researching, I've come across and, with a prominent link from the latter to a page called ".xyz for China". Thank you for your continued support ...
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Possession of a TLD domain name by a company that has registered the same name in United States Patent and Trademark Office

Suppose that a person A owns a TLD domain(Top level domain) similar to the .com extension registered by another company in the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Suppose that the person wants ...
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Domain name consisting of country name

There are a lot of top-level domains consisting only of the name of a country, like:,, etc. Some are registered for news websites and other for travel ...
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Received emails from previous domain owner

I've recently bought a domain name which is written differently than an already existing domain name. That already existing domain is owned by a company. I've set up a wildcard redirect for all ...
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Is it against the law to take over a defunct website's domain name?

Let's assume that there is a website called Tomorrow Tech run by a company named Viral Tech Ltd. Half a year ago, it was shut down for undisclosed reason. The name of the website was also no longer ...
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