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Questions tagged [domestic-abuse]

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14 votes
6 answers

Is it an offence to disregard a no-contact court order when the other person is extremely complicit?

Alice and Bob are in an intimate relationship and Bob gets drunk and hits Alice which he is convicted of. Part of the legal outcome is that he is prohibited from going near Alice, but they secretly ...
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3 votes
1 answer

The nature of do not contact requests and crafting one that is irrevocable and permanently keeping away an ex

Firstly, as a premise, what is the legal effect of expressly asking one not to contact them? Does it alter the nature of any future attempts to do so that are not of a legal-procedural nature? Off the ...
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2 votes
1 answer

When flatmates get an AVO against each other, who has to move out?

If one flatmate trespasses in another’s room after an extended period of hostile verbal and nonverbal communication, can the flatmate who was trespassed against get an AVO? If so, who has to move out?
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2 answers

Can I sue my local law enforcement agency for gross negligence in reference to their handling of domestic violence against me?

What rights does someone have against law enforcement when this person has been discriminated against by law enforcement officers' lack of actions and the continued allowance of severe abuse and ...
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