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Questions tagged [driving]

For questions specifically related to the operation of a vehicle on the road. Consider also traffic, vehicle, and speeding.

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7 answers

Do you need a driver's license to travel in the U.S.?

In the U.S., the law that governs motor vehicles is the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act. But according to the Constitution; Freedom of movement under United States law is governed ...
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Has a common law defence ever held water?

The UK is a common law country. It is a widely held belief of many people that statute Acts of parliament (i.e. most 'laws') only apply with the "consent of the governed"; and that one may be a "free ...
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8 votes
2 answers

What possible penalties can there be for failing to comply with rule 286 of the UK highway code?

Rule 286 requires one to give one's name and address to another party in the case of an accident, but what is the penalty range for non compliance?
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25 votes
11 answers

Is there any way to legally sleep in your car while drunk?

As I understand it, if one is found inside one's car with the keys while drunk, even if asleep, one is as guilty of drunk driving as if one was actually driving. If one finds oneself over the limit, ...
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What laws are there regarding being pulled over by an unmarked cop car/undercover cop?

Although this has never happened to me, I've read and heard about people driving on the road and then being signaled (in some way, usually with reds and blues) to pull over for a ticket and the car ...
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1 answer

Sleeping in a car whilst intoxicated

If a person were to go out drinking, head back to their car, leave the keys on the front seat, the engine off and get in the back to sleep it off, would they have comitted an offense? There appears ...
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3 votes
4 answers

No Blinker in a Left Turn Lane: Is It Illegal?

My question is simple, and pedantic: An intersection near my house has a marked left turn lane, and a marked straight lane. Problem is, the main road turns to the right at this roughly "Y" ...
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2 answers

What do, "X speed limit while children are present", street signs mean, specifically?

while I'm driving near schools I often notice street signs that say something like, "speed limit 15 mph while children are present". I am curious what this means specifically. Does it still count if ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Can a minor listen to phone navigation instructions while driving in Oregon?

If a minor set up (for example) Google Maps voice navigation while parked, then started driving (listening to the phone's instructions), then parked at the destination and turned the navigation off, ...
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3 answers

Legality of using a phone for GPS in Oregon

Oregon recently passed HB 2957 B, which modifies the law regarding using electronic devices while driving. From the text of the law, it appears to ban: (a) Holds a mobile electronic device in the ...
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California: A mechanic serviced Bob's car, has it in his shop, and verbally agreed to buy it from him. Is Bob liable for accidents before it's sold?

TL;DR Bob took his car in to a mechanic (M). After M worked on it, Bob decided to sell it to him. It's currently in his shop but it'll take Bob over two weeks to sign over the title. In the meantime, ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Driver's license renewal issue in Virginia

I was recounting an incident that happened to me several years back to a friend. While the issue is "resolved," I never learned of the proper, legal way to resolve the issue. I am curious if someone ...
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Does California allow prescription window tints?

Prescription window tints = window tints that are darker than typically allowed due to a medical reason. I read in the California Assembly Bill no. 1303 (September 2017) – amended medical exemptions: ...
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It's illegal for me to drive in Texas because I don't have insurance?

I live in New Hampshire where car insurance is not required so I don't have it. I just heard that it is illegal for me to drive in Texas because I don't have insurance and that if they stop me they ...
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