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Is it illegal to simultaneously run instances of a software more than I physically own?

I own old gaming consoles such as the Nintendo DS. The consoles have aged significantly and they have a hard time recognizing legit cartridges, so I dumped the contents of dozens of carts on a 3rd ...
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Is Apple violating any specific rights of mine by preventing me from taking a fair use screenshot?

Apple's Safari web browser prevents you from taking a screenshot of DRM (Digital Rights Management) content, such as Netflix movies, by blacking out that part of screen (when taking screenshot) which ...
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What exactly is DRM circumvention, as opposed to legitimate use?

DRM only makes media useless if it cannot be decrypted. What makes it legal for my commercially made DVD player to decrypt a disc, but not for libdvdcss to do it? DVDs don't have labels saying that ...
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Is it legal to format shift / strip DRM in the UK?

Suppose I have lawfully purchased an ebook for myself, on a permanent basis. Section 28B "Personal copies for private use" of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 seems pretty clear ...
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Is it legal to bypass Keurig coffee maker DRM?

Keurig coffee makers have DRM so only approved pods will work. Is it legal to circumvent this DRM and use "unauthorized" pods?
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