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Why hasn't civil asset forfeiture been ruled unconstitutional?

If news articles like this and this are accurate, then U.S. law enforcement can confiscate private property, including cash, without convicting someone of a crime – or even charging them – under a ...
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Is there a situation where someone can be sanctioned without trial?

Given a person commits an obvious infraction1 of a law B and this law has a sentence established by a legal statute that does not consider jury consultations possible, is there some legal framework to ...
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What is arbitration and mediation?

What does it mean to resolve disputes with arbitration and mediation? I understand that they're alternatives to going to court, but how can companies or individuals enforce this with contracts? What I ...
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Would a parking policy which is not posted be contestable in court?

The fine is small, it's more the principal. I recently moved to a new neighborhood. My side of the street has parking, and there are cars regularly parked all along it, at all hours of the day. ...
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