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Can a single easement have multiple dominant tenements, or are they multiple easements?

In Florida USA, a single deed granted an easement for water access over a specific piece of land (servient tenement), for the benefit of approx two dozen specific lots of land nearby (dominant ...
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What access rights do I have as a patented mine owner?

I recently purchased a historic patented mine. There is an extensive tunnel network but some of the tunnels leading to my property have entrances off my property on National Forest land. There used to ...
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Is it legal to put a CCTV camera on a residential property covering a path with an easement?

What are the legal implications of a house owner putting a camera on their house which points at a path with an easement on it, such that someone else has a right of way on that path? I.e. it's not a ...
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AddEstablishing an easement in UK

How does one establish an easement for parking in the UK? It's an area the size of 5 cars opposite my house where I've regularly parked (not everyday in the week but at least one day per week) over ...
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Telco obligations on cable going across driveway (New Zealand)

I have a cable with phone lines on a pole across outside my house going across my driveway.Occasionally I have large trucks which need to come into my property but are unable to do so because the ...
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Does Verizon laying fios in DC automatically grant them an easement?

In general, I wanted to know what rights are granted to Verizon has when they come lay their FioS personal or business service wires. What are applicable city laws (specifically for District of ...
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Real Estate "For Sale" sign on easement

A house on a landlocked tract (Property A) in North Carolina is for sale by realtor. Property A is accessed from the state road by a driveway, the end of which is constructed on an easement granted ...
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