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Laws and rights associated with schools, teachers, students, and the provision of and payment for educational services.

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What type of lawyer would I need to help me deal with issues of academic misconduct?

What can stop a university from doing whatever they want and screwing students over in terms of accusing them of cheating, plagiarism, or a misunderstanding of professor authorization of essay re-...
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What regulations govern suspension of students?

Where students are violent, suspensions may be justified, in order to ensure the safety of other students. However, for non-violent behaviour, what regulations are in place with regards to suspension,...
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Could parents sue a school district to force them to improve their teaching methods?

Is it possible for parents of public school students to successfully sue School District to demand certain improvements in online education? It seems that some school districts abuse their monopoly ...
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What can happen if you violate a cease and desist letter?

Are there any legal consequences for violating a cease and desist letter? I was sent a cease and desist letter from my university for annoying administration with a particular issue, and this letter ...
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In the US, what can't you do as a law student if you haven't passed the bar or finished your law degree?

What can law students (or a lay person) not do, if they haven't passed the state bar/bar exam or finished a law degree? Is the bar exam like a certification program in engineering? Or is there more to ...
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In a Title IX investigation, does the Coordinator have an obligation to email me questions regarding the investigation?

I have hired a lawyer because my exboyfriend said I'm stalking him after I filed a sexual assault case against him. My sexual assault case was closed, but the Title IX coordinator is asking me about ...