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Egypt Law: Do I need to get permissions and pay fees to create 3D models of the pyramids, Sphinx, and their other ancient antiquities?

If I want to create some 3D models of the pyramids and the Sphinx for a mobile app, do I need to obtain the permission or purchase the license from anyone or from the Egyptian government ? It seems ...
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Why Saudia Arabia Consulate's website in the United States (US) require US certification of Power of Attorney document if both are members of HCCH?

Why does the Saudia Arabia Consulate in the United States (US) require US certification of Power of Attorney document if they are member of HCCH? Documents and Powers of Attorney Notary Public The ...
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Are there countries which neither extradite to the UK nor prosecute the accused themself?

Despite an alleged crime meeting the double-criminality requirement, are there any countries that would not extradite a British national back to the united-kingdom nor prosecute the accused themself? ...
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How do I know if a game I made is copyrighted?

I am using the unreal engine that supports c++ language. Now I don't know anything about copyright and I don't know how to know anything about it. I live in Egypt. I worked on a game for 8 months. ...
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Is there a tax treaty between US and Egypt?

I'm a non-US citizen and I was asked to fill a Form W-8BEN. I googled and I know that there is a tax treaty between US and Egypt but I still don't know the percentage (default tax is 30%). It is also ...
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Can male guardians prevent Egyptian women from leaving the country?

As an unmarried adult Egyptian woman living abroad with a valid Egyptian passport, can my father/brother/... stop me, by law, from leaving Egypt after a visit there? I know I don't need to show a ...
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