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Fake service emails that are actually marketing emails

There is law in the US requiring email marketing lists to allow you to unsubscribe from them. But emails that are part of providing a service seem to be exempt: you can't necessarily unsubscribe from ...
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What to do if a company starts sending abusive newsletters years after having asked them to stop? [closed]

Five years ago, I used my e-mail address once to buy a service from a company in the EU (so the GDPR applies). Since then, they subscribed me without asking to a newsletter and sent me several mails ...
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Is it legal for a company to require you to delete your account to unsubscribe from marketing emails?

I'm subscribed to "Visual Studio Dev Essentials" (so that I can download older versions of Visual Studio from the Microsoft website), but they are sending me unwanted marketing emails ...
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How do email delivery services store users' email addresses in a GDPR compliant way?

Mailchimp, Twilio, Hubspot and other services provide apis to save lists of email-addresses and send them emails (marketing, technical, etc.). Even if a user asked to unsubscribe, those services will ...
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Understanding electronic mail marketing under the UK's Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR)

From ICO's guide for electronic mail marketing under PECR: ... you must not send electronic mail marketing to individuals, unless: they have specifically consented to electronic mail from you; or ...
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Is MailChimp compliant with GDPR?

In light of recent news of Facebook not being compliant with GDPR because it processes data in USA and not in europe, would a website using MailChimp for newsletter be GDPR compliant since it is based ...
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Since cold emailing/SMS/phone is illegal, how am I still receiving a lot of marketing calls/emails/SMS

I live in Australia where privacy laws are considered quite stringent. Yet I keep receiving marketers calling me, emails (which somehow escape my SPAM) and sometimes SMS as well. Which begs a question,...
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Is my company legally required to remove an email from our mailing list that isn't on our mailing list?

Today a customer tried to unsubscribe from our mailing list. The email (anonymized) she entered into the unsubscribe box was [email protected]. [email protected] was not in our database, so the unsubscribe ...
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Is it illegal to pre-check the email opt-in option for an html form?

Email opt-in and opt-out for online registration forms is subject to GDPR compliance rules. However, I don't see any information out there about whether it is ok for an email opt-in checkbox to be pre-...
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Where is the line between transactional vs marketing emails with GDPR?

If a company that offers a product where the user logs in, such as a SAAS product, and they send emails with certain intentions, where is the line drawn between a transactional and a marketing email? ...
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