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Is it legal for a company to require you to delete your account to unsubscribe from marketing emails?

I'm subscribed to "Visual Studio Dev Essentials" (so that I can download older versions of Visual Studio from the Microsoft website), but they are sending me unwanted marketing emails ...
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How do email delivery services store users' email addresses in a GDPR compliant way?

Mailchimp, Twilio, Hubspot and other services provide apis to save lists of email-addresses and send them emails (marketing, technical, etc.). Even if a user asked to unsubscribe, those services will ...
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Understanding electronic mail marketing under the UK's Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR)

From ICO's guide for electronic mail marketing under PECR: ... you must not send electronic mail marketing to individuals, unless: they have specifically consented to electronic mail from you; or ...
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Is MailChimp compliant with GDPR?

In light of recent news of Facebook not being compliant with GDPR because it processes data in USA and not in europe, would a website using MailChimp for newsletter be GDPR compliant since it is based ...
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Since cold emailing/SMS/phone is illegal, how am I still receiving a lot of marketing calls/emails/SMS

I live in Australia where privacy laws are considered quite stringent. Yet I keep receiving marketers calling me, emails (which somehow escape my SPAM) and sometimes SMS as well. Which begs a question,...
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Is my company legally required to remove an email from our mailing list that isn't on our mailing list?

Today a customer tried to unsubscribe from our mailing list. The email (anonymized) she entered into the unsubscribe box was was not in our database, so the unsubscribe ...
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Is it illegal to pre-check the email opt-in option for an html form?

Email opt-in and opt-out for online registration forms is subject to GDPR compliance rules. However, I don't see any information out there about whether it is ok for an email opt-in checkbox to be pre-...
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2 answers

Where is the line between transactional vs marketing emails with GDPR?

If a company that offers a product where the user logs in, such as a SAAS product, and they send emails with certain intentions, where is the line drawn between a transactional and a marketing email? ...
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