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Can a Resident Assistant be told to ignore a lawful order?'

Today I have an interesting question involving Police, Fire and university administration. A little bit of background: for the past few years, my University has been involved in a small, awkward ...
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What is the limit to my entering an unlocked home of a stranger to render aid without explicit permission

As I understand it in the USA if I, a normal citizen, walking by a stranger's home and witness them suddenly get electrocuted or otherwise seriously harmed I'm allowed to enter their home to try to ...
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Can a government in the US enforce administration of a drug onto a US citizen during a public health crisis?

Is there a law or a judgment from a Court in the United States wherein it is established that a government (at any level) in the US, during an officially declared public health crisis, can enforce ...
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Statutory authority to order business to close their doors

In Maryland, Governor Hogan just ordered with "the full force of law" all restaurants, bars, movie theaters, gyms, etc. to close their doors to the public starting at 5 p.m. What is his statutory ...
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Is calling emergency service for someone ever mandatory?

Is it ever mandatory to call the police or other emergency service for people? For example, say a friend has suicidal thoughts. Could you ever be breaking the law by not calling the police in such a ...
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Would it be legal to shut down functionality on users phone?

This would be US jurisdiction, say NYC. Note this is a question about the law only; not a question about technical feasibility. Could Apple or Google of their own volition legally shut down ...
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2 answers

Is it ever legal for a company to instruct employees not to call 911?

First question, is it illegal to prevent someone from calling 911 in the event of an emergency? I'm assuming it is. I had an internship in large corporate buildings and have seen some weird things. ...
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2 answers

Contours of a national emergency in the United States

Are there any 'bright lines' that prevent an administration (not just the current administration, but future administrations as well) from regularly resorting to the national security argument when it ...
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What to do when an Ambulance can't pass you?

So here's the deal: Earlier I was driving on the highway to work, which currently is under construction work. Because of that, one of the two lanes is closed and the second one is slightly narrowed. ...
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Home warranty dropping the ball, during emergency situation. Any recourse?

I opened a ticket in December when my heater failed. I called my home warranty company(HWA), opened a claim and asked for someone to come out and fix it. They said it would be at least a week, ...
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Can a business ask emergency responders to sign an NDA before/after entering their facility?

The company I work for has some very intense trade secret and intellectual property in its HQ. If police, fire, medical were called and needed access to certain areas of the facility were this ...
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2 votes
2 answers

What rights do inmates have during natural disasters?

The water level behind Oroville Dam, CA, recently went way up due to heavy rain, and the rarely used "emergency spillway" was used for the first time in the dam's 50+ year life. It sustained ...
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The Social Action Responsibility and Heroism Act (England and Wales)

Is there an equivalent law in SCOTLAND and NORTHERN IRELAND to The Social Action Responsibility and Heroism Act 2015 (England and Wales)?
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2 answers

Are paramedic required to recognize stroke and deliver the stroke victim to ER?

ER arrives for a somewhat confused patient. Her speech is slurred, she has no balance. Her husband has very limited English and calls his son to translate via Skype. The paramedics warn about the ...
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Is the extended State of Emergency and State of Disaster in Michigan legal?

I live in Michigan and we've been under a state of emergency since March 10th, 2020, as declared in Executive Order 2020-4. That order cited two statues as authority for this action: PA 302 - ...
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What is the role and power of the Australian Defence Force in civil society?

The Commonwealth government has offered the assistance of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) to the states from time to time. Most recently the New South Wales Government has accepted that offer of ...
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In what country do police have to clear scenes for EMTs?

I read this on Reddit: Not a lawyer, but work for a law firm as an Investigator. One of our clients stabbed an ex-lover multiple times over $100. Perp then ran out of the house all bloody. ...
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What constitutional laws support a leader overriding his Congress? [closed]

In other words, what thoughts regarding freedoms and rights from the founders of a nation support a leader taking supreme power over its Congress? I guess I'm asking, what's the point of having a law-...
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What, if any, was the legal basis for the powers of the regional seats of government and commissioners?

A major part of the UK’s contingency planning for nuclear war was the system of regional seats of government and regional commissioners; Wikipedia says under such plans, regional commissioners would ...
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Can the CDC stop the state of New York from testing for COVID-19?

At the end of this video NY Governor, Andrew Cuomo, criticizes the CDC for "not letting" the state of New York and other laboratories test for COVID-19. What did he mean by that? Does the CDC have ...
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