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Questions tagged [eminent-domain]

For questions specifically related to the government's ability to seize private land for public use with just compensation to the landowner.

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Can a state force someone to sell it something?

There has been a lot of issues regarding, notably how hard it is for states to aquire execution medicine from pharma companies. Companies which routinely refuse to provide (note, this is not political ...
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If the govt. has an issue with me doing things on my own land, can I sue them?

Say I buy land in 'X' city and want to use it to build my own house (no permits), or run a hot dog stand or sell out stuff like garage sale clothes, or essentially anything "technically legal&...
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What was the legal basis for farmer Eckardt Heukamp to be forced to sell his farm to RWE?

In Germany there are currently between 200 and 2000 climate activists in the Lützerath hamlet fighting the forced sale of the hamlet to a mining company. They are primarily on/around the property of ...
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Could Noise Regulation Amount to a Regulaory Taking?

In the recent Washington Post story "A neighborhood’s cryptocurrency mine: ‘Like a jet that never leaves’ -- Cryptocurrency mining brought constant noise to this remote part of Appalachia of ...
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Eminent domain payout [duplicate]

America builds 400,000 acres of road a year. The country has a billion acres. Furthermore usually about a mile from a road is seized for sound barriers and other services which puts the total at 15 ...
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Is the foreclosure moratorium a de facto eminent domain exercise?

If the government prevents you from evicting, doesn't that mean they have some ownership of the property ala eminent domain? If the government stops you from making decisions over your property isn't ...
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Circumstances where Eminent Domain cannot condemn intellectual property?

Would it be possible to effectively prevent Eminent Domain from being used on intellectual property?
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Football field in park being upgraded - rights of neighbouring property owners?

We live in Portland, Oregon (USA), in a neighborhood next to a high school which has an adjoining football field. The field is in a publicly accessible park. There is a proposal from the school ...
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what is "just compensation" during eminent domain?

The United States government uses eminent domain to seize private land for public use in exchange for "just compensation", but would the landowner be compensation for the structures on the land being ...
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In which states can railroad companies take land in eminent domain?

In Property, fifth edition, by Dukeminier and Krier, on pages 843–54, we are told that in Vermont, railroad companies have the power of eminent domain: they can take land that they need for building ...
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Acquisition of land by the government

I have 14 marla (3150 sq. ft. or ~294 sq. m) of land in Tanda Urmur, in the Hoshiarpur district, connected to a road. This land is to be acquired by the government for widening the road. The market ...
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