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Have state governments in United States of America prosecuted limited liability companies for not buying worker's compensation insurance?

Have state governments prosecuted companies for not buying worker's compensation insurance? Though employees would prosecute in the event of an accident, what else enforces companies to buy it? Does ...
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Can an Officer of a US Company bar you from using Sick Time?

Scenario: A US company in Utah provides sick time (not required by law). A lower management officer tells an employee that they cannot call in sick on any Wednesday. Is this the discretion of the ...
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Do weekend days count as part of a vacation?

I work in a typical 9-5 office and my working days are Monday - Friday. I asked my boss for a 2 week vacation which will be 10 working days to travel for a wedding. He said it doesn't count as 10 days ...
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Is it legal in Spain/Europe to retain an employee until a replacement is found?

When an employee sends his resignation letter, is it legal to retain that employee indefinitely until a replacement is found? Is it legal to claim damages if he leaves? This is for Spanish law and ...
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Is it legal to secretly buy your employer's factory?

An EU factory manager is offered an opportunity to purchase the building from which his employer's business operates. He buys it and says nothing to his employer about his intention before actually ...
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