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Grooming and dress code standards

What does the law in Tennessee say about an employer's right to implement grooming and dress code standards for employees? Does it matter if the motive is based on the religious beliefs of the owner?
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What is an employee's liability for defective work?

Employee E works as part of a development team for company C, which has a contract with customer F. Suppose that F is dissatisfied with the work product that C submits. Under what circumstances would ...
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Are pledges I made in a job interview binding?

Among some "pro" tips shared in my neighborhood for desperate job seekers is the myth that promising to never unionize drastically improves the chance of landing on a job. If one were to ...
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Are anti-piercing (like a nose ring) rules by employer sueable?

I suppose employers can enforce dress codes, but they also can't obviously discriminate against people who have piercings or tattoos. So, what's the line here? If an employer requests an employee to ...
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Can workers keep overpaid salary? [duplicate]

Technical issues caused salaries of employees to be mixed up in a South Korean company. 22일 직장인 커뮤니티 블라인드 게시글 등에 따르면 지난 19일 “명세서에 적힌 금액보다 덜 들어왔다”는 효성 직원들의 게시글이 올라왔다. On an online employee forum ...
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Is it legal for companies to pay salaries or bonuses as lootboxes?

The South Korean branch of video game publisher Nexon made headlines online when it gave out a small bonus to its employees in the form of lootboxes. A monthly bonus coupon was given in August 2020 to ...
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Can I opt out of UK Working Time Regulations daily breaks?

The Working Time Regulations 1998, PART II, Regulation 10 says Daily rest 10.—(1) An adult worker is entitled to a rest period of not less than eleven consecutive hours in each 24-hour period during ...
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To what extent can an employer require their employees to be experts at a trial?

Say a company is facing a trial and the court requires (version 1) the company (version 2) someone with expertise from the company to provide a sworn opinion (something like "the process to do ...
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Is awarding a day off for women employees on 8 March a discrimination against the male employees?

Early this year I joined a new company. As part of the benefits they give to their employees is included a day off, paid by the company, to all female employees for the 8 of March because of the ...
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Can salaried employees be forced to attend meetings without being able to charge the time?

Background: I work in Maryland I am a salaried employee; however, I am required to fill out a time card in order to specify which hours are worked on which contract, and am required to work a minimum ...
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Who owns the IP for some software that I created in my spare time? Employee or Employer?

I am employed as a designer in the UK by a UK employer. I do not work for a software company. On my own machine on weekends I created my own software that I believe my employer would benefit from. I ...
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Have state governments in United States of America prosecuted limited liability companies for not buying worker's compensation insurance?

Have state governments prosecuted companies for not buying worker's compensation insurance? Though employees would prosecute in the event of an accident, what else enforces companies to buy it? Does ...
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Can an Officer of a US Company bar you from using Sick Time?

Scenario: A US company in Utah provides sick time (not required by law). A lower management officer tells an employee that they cannot call in sick on any Wednesday. Is this the discretion of the ...
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Do weekend days count as part of a vacation?

I work in a typical 9-5 office and my working days are Monday - Friday. I asked my boss for a 2 week vacation which will be 10 working days to travel for a wedding. He said it doesn't count as 10 days ...
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Is it legal in Spain/Europe to retain an employee until a replacement is found?

When an employee sends his resignation letter, is it legal to retain that employee indefinitely until a replacement is found? Is it legal to claim damages if he leaves? This is for Spanish law and ...
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Is it legal to secretly buy your employer's factory?

An EU factory manager is offered an opportunity to purchase the building from which his employer's business operates. He buys it and says nothing to his employer about his intention before actually ...
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