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How can Alex Jones avoid paying the money he owes?

Alex Jones owes more than $1 billion dollars from the court cases he has lost. As far as I know, he has yet to pay a cent. From a legal perspective, how can he avoid paying any money at all for so ...
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Are trusts shielded from legal penalties?

Imagine suing a person for copyright infringement, defamation, or whatever. You win your case, and a judge awards you $1 million. However, the person you sued has a nice job and a beautiful home, but ...
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Child support question

I have a house that was inherited but I owe child support, but it’s not just inherit to me, it was also inherited to my sister my mom left it to both of her kids which is me and my sister my sister ...
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State tax domestication

With any judgement the judgement has to be domesticated in the jurisdiction you are trying to enforce it in. So for example, I owe taxes in California. Now, California has a levy on my account, in a ...
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If a witness in a trial is appearing via Zoom from another country and is found guilty of being "in contempt" how would the punishment be enforced?

So a witness can only appear via Zoom due to being in another country (or refuses to come to the country where the trial is being held). They are found in contempt of court for whatever reason. How ...
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Enforcement of foreign court orders in the USA

Can non-US court orders against US entities be honored/enforced in the US? Say if I sue a Californian company in a New Zealand court (which happens to assume its jurisdiction) and win some monies, ...
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Enforceability of contracts that call for provisions in a will

If Alice and Bob enter into a contract that calls for Bob to put a provision in his will that benefits Alice, and Bob does not put in the provision, would the courts likely uphold the contract after ...
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How to have a provincial court order enforced? What are the pros/cons of the different ways?

Follow up to How does someone file an order with the Provincial Court to have it enforced? If a plaintiff received a validated order from the Civil Resolution Tribunal, then filed it with the BC ...
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Has punishment for precedent-setting decisions ever been recognized as retroactive enforcement of a new law?

When a court sets a precedent, it is effectively creating a law (case law). This means that the law (or a newly clear interpretation that can only now be relied on) did not exist prior to the courts ...
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Can the supreme court enforce its rulings on the executive branch?

I've just read this article on Slate. In it, they describe how Trump's administration has ignored deadlines imposed by the U.S. District Court after losing a case to SCOTUS (I bolded the most relevant ...
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Can judges impute income in debt cases?

I have a money judgment against a stripper for a few thousand dollars. All her income is in cash and she reports nothing on her 1099. Can I ask the judge to impute her 10-20k monthly that she ...
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How to enforce GPL if the copyright holder doesn't have access to the source code of violating software?

I'd like to publish a C library project that I have written on GitHub and license it under GPL, so I am doing some research on open source licenses and some confusion comes to mind. Let's say Evil ...
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I am a judgment creditor. How do I use the court to enforce my rights (without a lawyer)? [closed]

This is for New York City. I am a judgment creditor, having won my judgments solo through small claims, and am aware of my rights now that I possess a judgment. I wish to compel the judgment debtor ...
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Is everything legal for me due to psychiatric reasons? [closed]

I witness that I did some things which are considered a rave by most people (and most psychiatrists): fought with aliens, was transformed for a period of time into a superman able to tear steel and ...
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Do Singapore authorities have any leverage on a Canadian who is currently residing in South Africa?

Suppose a Canadian citizen is accused of committing various acts in Singapore which are punished with a fine (littering, selling gum and hacking into wifi). The Canadian is currently residing in Cape ...
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What happens to a judgment when one of the parties dies?

A sues B, wins a judgment, and can't collect because B has no money. A dies. Is B off the hook? B dies first. Does A have a claim against B's estate?
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Am I obligated to pay a mortgage if a region is annexed?

This is a hypothetical question. Suppose I buy a house and have a mortgage. Later, the region my house is in is annexed by another country. Let's assume also that the mortgage I took out is based in ...
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Studying abroad - penalty clause

Some countries provide grants for their citizens to study abroad on the condition that the student will return to work in the country after graduation. For example, the Thai government offers such ...
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How can the judicial branch enforce a judge's order against the CBP if it does not comply?

Inspired by recent events, I am wondering what would happen if a court makes a clear ruling (say, that border officials must not turn back refugees) and if CBP explicitly refuses to comply. (I say "...
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Legal recourse for neighborhoods facing loud vehicles?

Brief Background I live in a small community with a growing noise problem due to vehicles with custom exhaust systems. To more clearly define the issue I have been collecting data from calibrated ...
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Is it possible to sell a debt that has been ruled by a court

In the UK, say Mr. Jones has a bad tenant and in getting him evicted racks up costs of £50,000. If the court rules in favour of Mr. Jones that the bad tenant owes him £50,000, is it possible to sell ...
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What happens if a person does not pay for the sentence in a small claims court?

The Small Claims Court in California say that they cannot collect the value awarded by any sentence that they deliver. What happens to the defendant if he/she is sentenced to pay the plaintiff but ...
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