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Questions tagged [entrapment]

Questions relating to the law enforcement practice of inducing or misleading someone to commit an offence that they would not have otherwise committed.

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What constitutes entrapment? [duplicate]

I was just remembering a movie scene where 2 undercover cops knock on a man's door asking to buy drugs and and he sells it to them. In the end he is arrested and convicted. I'm no expert but I thought ...
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Is Entrapment illegal by the officer committing it?

It's fairly well known that Entrapment can be considered a valid affirmative defense for the person who was induced to commit a crime. However, say that a police officer entrapped someone to, e.g.: ...
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What would be considered entrapment by UC?

When it comes to undercover operations and undercover cops (UC), what is considered entrapment and how “far” are UC allowed to go? Scenario 1: UC approaches a suspected dealer and asks to buy drugs. ...
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Is offering a means to break one's own policy legal?

A friend's kid's High School has a strict policy against using social media during school time. My friend agrees, and made sure the kids' access to social media is blocked on all the devices they own. ...
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Could the participants in 'The Push' be charged with attempted murder?

The Push is a TV show where participants are coerced into committing an intentional act of murder through psychological manipulation. Even though the setup was staged and nobody was in any actual ...
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Can I pretend to be a child to expose a predator?

Someone I know has been victimized by a predator in their youth. The things they did were awful. This person was young and felt ashamed and confused and deleted all the evidence. They are now trying ...
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If you ask a police officer if something is illegal, can they lie?

It's been established that police in the US have pretty broad discretion in terms of being permitted to lie. If you ask an on-duty police officer if something is legal, can they lie about that? I know ...
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What would an entrapment defense look like in court?

This is not pertaining to any actual case or personal situation. I have tried to look up how an entrapment defense works, and the only standard I could find seems to be that you induced someone to ...
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what if two words in a law or act are being used but are contradictory? [closed]

specifically within the adam walsh act, in florida, it allows the ICAC to enact "proactive investigations" and this is how they avoid being pursued for entrapment. Blacks law definitions What is ...
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Is an undercover cop offering money to a random woman for sex an example of "entrapment"?

T/F Test Question: "Officer Jones, who was assigned to the narcotics unit, decided to look for possible prostitutes in the financial district of his city. Although there are no reports of a ...
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Is what constitutes outrageous conduct clearly defined in the statutes?

Are there any objective rules or guidelines used to determine whether a police officer's conduct was outrageous?
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If an FBI or some law enforcement agent is on the Dark Web posing as a user, does this constitute entrapment?

If an FBI or some law enforcement agent is on the Dark Web posing as a user, does this constitute entrapment? They do not inform you of their status. Sharing personal information is not very frequent ...
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