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Can I issue a lawsuit against my city for having unsafe air quality?

I live in Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia(EU). In many parts of my city, there are many times a high level of air pollution because of cars, especially in the area where I'm currently living. ...
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What emission laws apply to diesel electric trucks?

There’s a truck manufacturer called Edison motors. They make hybrid electric trucks where the truck is powered by batteries and there’s an onboard generator which charges the batteries when it gets ...
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In the real case represented in the Travolta film A Civil Action, why didn't plaintiffs just wait for the EPA report?

The film A Civil Action starred John Travolta as plaintiffs’ attorney Schilchtmann. It tells the true story of the plaintiffs’ efforts to establish the liability of two corporate defendants (Beatrice ...
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What if I don't recycle in SF?

What are the legal consequences to me if I, as a San Francisco resident, fail to throw a given recyclable item in the blue (recycle) bin, and instead throw it in the black (landfill) bin? Will there ...
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What code determines how much noise is dangerous to people?

This question pertains to NYC, but answers about how other jurisdictions define noise pollution could aid precedent or tracking down the appropriate office in New York. Noise pollution in the city is ...
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Can penalties for civil wrongs be retroactively increased by law?

This question is similar in nature to this one, however, my focus is on environmental law which is typically enforced via civil penalties. Recently, the State of NJ passed something called the ...
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In the Hammond / Harney County land-use situation, what precedents does the BLM act on to restrict landowners?

I have read a number of accounts of the details involved, most of which resemble this one, and are biased against the BLM. I have yet to find information on what position the BLM took in changing the ...
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Is installing and maintaining / cleaning a septic tank in Spain's Galicia permissionless?

I have a small solar, 232 m2, and the town hall rejects connecting it to the sewage system because it is not buildable ( edificable) due to being smaller than 500 m2. I would like to install a septic ...
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Do city regulations stating that food waste should be in "plastic bags" require bags specifically for food waste?

When regulations say that food waste should be in plastic bags, are these bags separate from the plastic bags everyone already uses for general trash anyway? For example, this source says that food ...
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