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What are "equity" and "equitable remedies"?

What is equity and/or an equitable remedy? How does it relate to the common law?
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"Equity's darling": How do U.S. courts overcome bona fide purchasers?

This is a follow-up question to this question and this question; the accepted answers to each appear to conflict the concept of bona fide purchasers. According to a Wikipedia page on the topic: "...
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How can a court in the U.S. overcome eBay Inc. v. MercExchange, LLC and order mandatory injunction?

Law* In Ebay Inc. v. Mercexchange, L.L.C., 547 U.S. 388, 126 S. Ct. 1837 (2006) (“EBay”), the Court restated that: “The traditional four-factor test applied by courts of equity when considering ...
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Texas SB8 Consequences

ABC news reports: The Supreme Court will take up the Texas abortion law on the merits next month in a rare highly-expedited case that could definitively resolve the fate of its six-week ban and ...
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Suits: How can Simon Lowe, with Daniel Hardman, sue Harvey Specter in connection with the doctrine of unclean hands?

In the last 2 episodes of Suits Season 8, Simon Lowe sues, via his attorney Daniel Hardman, Harvey Specter for breaking privilege. What happened was the lawyers Harvey Specter and Alex Williams who ...
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What is the legal procedure for suing to void a contract for non-performance?

Sometimes a person might have a contract that they wish to void because the other party is not performing on their end of the contract. Generally it is the person who is paying money who wants to void ...
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