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Are apps required to notify users when they update their privacy policy or EULA?

I have noticed that many companies are doing this but definitely not all. Furthermore, what about cases where companies or developers cannot notify users because some users are not logged-in or ...
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Blizzard's EULA for map editor claims that all content created in it is their sole property

Recently release Warcraft III Reforged's EULA includes this passage: Ownership Custom Games are and shall remain the sole and exclusive property of Blizzard. Without limiting the foregoing, you ...
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Would I be liable to EULA & Terms of Use when reverse engineering a product (for research) without a formal contract/agreement?

I'd like to possibly to my bachelor thesis in Computer Science by reverse engineering some IoT devices such as security cameras & smart locks. The items will be purchased by myself (probably ...
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Anti-Piracy measures (freeware software)

So I was checking out the license agreement of a software product that I acquired the past days and noticed this section, please notice it was freeware software: You agree that if you are found to be ...
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Is there a comprehensive web source for a list of european union protections against aggresive contracts?

Some time ago I found interesting information on the web about additional legal protections that customers from the European Union automatically have when signing up to various services (even services ...
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Is there always a legal way to make an open source product integrate against the will of a proprietary vendor?

This question is tightly related to other questions here. I'm asking for the USA. Rather than questioning a method of evasion, or predicating the question on any specific contract let's assume there ...
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