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What legal system does the European Union use?

I have been studying basic Law, learning the difference between the various legal systems such as Common Law, and the Civil Legal System. Countries that are part of the European Union (EU) are ...
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Is it possible that the ECJ will annul the decrees of prima facie constitutional use of the Orban government in Hungary?

Is there any precedent that the ECJ or the ECHR ruled any provisions or amendments of the constitution of a Member State null and void, annulled, repealed, cancelled them or otherwise ordered any ...
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Whether and how European Courts (Justice and Human Rights) have been using Natural Law in their opinions in the past two decades?

Our small country is being thrown gradually into US-style culture wars regarding LGBT issues. And this has created a small (currently) conservative movement that is using Natural Law theories in their ...
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What prevents member states of the EU, really, to simply not comply with EU law and simply not do their contributions into the budget?

This question was inspired by the following part of cpast’s answer relating to the supremacy clause of the U.S. Constitution: “Occasionally, that’s not enough. If a state disobeys the orders of a ...
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