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Questions tagged [evidence]

For questions concerning evidence - including the handling of evidence, rejection or admittance of evidence in a court of law, and serving evidence in civil matters.

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Usage-Based Insurance Devices (Like Progressive's Snapshot) - Evidence of Liability and Public Policy

In the United States, the biggest auto insurance carriers such as Progressive, Allstate and State Farm, have all begun offering optional potential policy discounts if the covered driver agrees to ...
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Can more recent evidence be considered in an appeal?

I requested an impartial special education hearing to establish eligibility under IDEA for my son. I lost at hearing but won on review. (I am in a "two tier" state, New York.) The evidence ...
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What happens to Kyle Rittenhouse's AR-15 now?

It is my understanding, that the rifle was taken away from the accused, and that it was part of the evidence used during trial by the prosecution. However, now that the trial is over and the man is ...
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Was the withholding of high-quality drone footage a Brady violation?

In the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, the defence filed a motion for a mistrial during jury deliberations. One of the grounds for a mistrial, they argued, was that a low-resolution recording of the drone ...
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Is making my co-tenants sign a contract to pay their share of the bills helpful in court?

I share a house with three other people, and as I was the first to move in, I had to sign up for some of the bills with my name. However, some of my co-tenants are rather slow and unwilling to pay ...
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Recording a video of a crime without criminal's knowledge and consent; is it considered evidence in Greece?

According to Article 370A of the Greek penal code: Παραβίαση του απορρήτου της τηλεφωνικής επικοινωνίας και της προφορικής συνομιλίας Όποιος αθέμιτα παρακολουθεί με ειδικά τεχνικά μέσα ή ...
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It is worth it from a legal standpoint to electronically scan documents in color?

I make scans of documents in case I lose the original paper versions of the documents, and also normally put the resulting scans under version control. A lawyer told me this is considered "secondary ...
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Can a defendant in a child pornography case get access to the actual material as evidence in California?

I am engaged in a semi-civil discussion regarding a recent case about a person in California who is accused of being in possession of child pornography. The person on the other side is of the opinion ...
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