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What options are there for executor when no close family member is available?

What alternatives exist for finding and appointing an executor for one's will/estate for a person with no close family or qualified friend? Are there pros and cons?
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When Can a Beneficiary/Distributee for an Estate Compel an Executor to Initiate Probate in NYS?

Soon after the death of their father in Queens, NY, two surviving sons, Brother X (who lived with their father) and Brother Y (living in NJ) find their father's will in his personal papers. The will ...
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Distribution of estate reserve funds after initial settlement?

In November of 2020 a dispersement was made to all receiving parties of the estate. Additional monies were held as "reserve". How long must the executor hold onto these funds? Is there a ...
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Is the estate of a deceased person a legal entity?

This question is inspired by the discussion in the comments of this answer to another question. In those comments I claimed that the estate of a deceased person is not a legal entity and that it is ...
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What to Do About an Executor Lawyer Who Gives No Sign of Closing an Estate

I am trying to ascertain how long it should take a lawyer to close someone's estate. I know that each situation is different, but let me provide you with some general details: A Rhode Island woman who ...
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Issues with Foreign Executor of American Estate?

A long-divorced parent has two adult children, one residing in same state (Idaho for example), the other living overseas. Parent dies without debts, the only asset is a small home, and they pre-paid ...
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When does the duty of an executor end?

My two brothers were appointed co-executors of my Moms will. Probate has been done for months now. We all 3 inherited her house in equal shares, two of us live there. I am being told because they were ...
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credit report on decedent

As the estate executor, is it ill-advised to try to obtain credit report on decedent? I am unsure if the ramifications of doing this are good or may result in potential legal issues? The estate is ...
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