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Are the final stages of a product’s lifecycle protected by patent?

This is a follow up to this question: International patents Consider the following stages of a product’s lifecycle: Manufacture Sales Import/export Use End of life/disposal It is presumed that in a ...
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If a product is assembled in a specific country, what is the impact of an export ban covering that product and that country?

The USA recently announced an export ban for certain high-performance AI computing components in China and around 50 other countries around the world. Notably, this affects the Nvidia Geforce RTX 4090,...
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Is it legal for a company to enforce price minimums in the USA?

When exporting from Europe to the USA but not sourcing directly from the manufacturer, it is common to receive communications from companies along the lines (1) in the USA we have a minimum price ...
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US Deemed export and dual citizens

Today I was doing my mandatory EAR/ITAR online training (fun stuff!), and one thing struck me about the concept of deemed exports. With it, the training course mentioned that it can be a deemed ...
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Confusion about USA export regulations regarding electronics

I am an electronic hobbyist based in Canada. Recently I bought different Microcontroller development boards from (a huge online electronics distributor based in Mansfield, Texas). This is ...
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Can a country import from russia and export to other countries which are banned by russia?

Provided russia will ban import and export of products to and from specific countries can a country which is not banned by russia import from russia and export it to other countries? If not what about ...
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To whom do import laws apply?

Let's assume in Country A the import of certain digital goods is restricted as with the Wassenaar arrangement. A person hosts such software on his server and has an export license. Another person ...
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To comply to GDPR, are social networks required to have a button to "Export your Data"?

Major social web services (such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Microsoft and Google) have a page where you can click a button to export your data - posts, account data, login information, meta data, ...
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Export compliance and iOS

I want to release my first app to Google Play and App Store. I have a question about Export Compliance issue. Since I didn't even know this is needed I am struggling. I already posted a similar ...
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Is exporting software with cryptographic functions legal in the United Kingdom?

IANAL (I am not a lawyer). I am a programmer and I want to make software with OpenSSL functions or even my own implementation of cryptographic algorithms, such as MD5. However, I am worried that I ...
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Iran Technology Sanction

Is there any comprehensive list of Iran technology sanctions and the reason they were imposed(especially related to software products and scientific data sets?) As I remember, some software products ...
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Reclaim VAT after buying a car to be exported from Germany to outside EU

I'm a North African citizen living in an Scandinavian country (temporary residence permit - working grounds) and planning to buy a car from Germany to be exported to my home country (outside EU). I ...
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Open source encryption library pose export compliance

I am developing an app which will encrypt users files , photos etc. I use the open source library RNCryptor to do the operation . Does this make my app require export compliance ? . Does the export ...
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Using hash functions to bypass Cold War-era crypto export restrictions

During the Cold War and up until late 1992, export restrictions prevented the distribution of strong cryptographically secure ciphers. These export restrictions required that all symmetric ciphers be ...
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(How) Can I easily export produce from Serbia to Sweden via Hungary?

I am from Sweden and I have a friend who lives in Serbia. My friend produces cheese, honey and wine. I'm helping my friend to investigate what would be involved in order to export his produce to ...
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Distributing a free iOS app to Iranian users

I'm an iOS developer and one of my apps is a free app that targets Iranian user. The app is free with no ads. Apple asked me to provide an OFAC License to publish the app: Dear Developer, ...
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How to get approval to give my book to a friend?

I live in the Netherlands and I received a book I ordered from a company in the US. The package I received today had an invoice included. The invoice had the following text printed on it: These items ...
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What does U.S. law expect developers to do to prevent access to web apps with encryption where export control applies?

What would be considered due diligence (or whatever the proper term is) in preventing users in export-control blacklisted countries from accessing a web application that features strong encryption ...
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Are encryption apps (iOS) exempt from US Export Regulations if released to the US App Store only?

Note: The original question in iTunes Connect regarding exemptions has since been changed to reflect recent changes made to their FAQ as follows: Does your app meet any of the following: (a) ...
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Is it legal to export open-source cryptographic software from Canada

I'm an independent software developer who has developed a program that links to the OpenSSL libraries for the purpose of allowing users to decrypt, filter and re-encrypt secure content. For example, ...
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What exactly makes encryption a weapon?

As a followup from Is the right to keep and bear crypto protected by the Second Amendment?, for export control purposes, United States has been classifying crypto as munition. In the old days, maybe ...
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