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Offense that was expunged still showing up

A friend of mine (yes, I'm aware of how that sounds, but it's true) had a felony expunged from his record 10 years ago. Recently when getting screened for a job it showed up and now his job is at risk....
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If someone's record has been expunged, can they legally say that they have not been arrested?

If someone applies for a job and the application asks whether they've ever been arrested, can they legally say on the application that they have not been arrested before? Note: Case was dismissed ...
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2 answers

Does expungement of a case refer to online history?

When a court's expungement order stipulates that all entities with related data to the case, and data collection and data reseller companies destroy any and all records related to a case; does this ...
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What does this mean exactly?

IT IS ORDERED that all records relating to such arrest and subsequent discharge, including associated bench warrants, pursuant to the above referenced section be expunged and destroyed and that no ...
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