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Extraterritorial jurisdiction is when the laws of a particular nation are applied outside that nation's territory.

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How long an arm does the U.S. have against foreign "violators" of U.S. law outside the U.S.?

Suppose there is a foreign manufacturer who observes say, anti-pollution laws in his home country, but engages in practices that would be clearly illegal under U.S. environmental laws. Suppose the ...
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Limits of navy jurisdiction/authority in international waters

Once and then I read news about US navy stopping, searching and even sinking commercial vessels flowing non-US ensign (most recently Iranian). Sometimes news regard navy vessels not conforming to ...
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What happens if you break a law in another country outside of that country?

Let's say I wanted to deliver a book that is banned in Bob's country. This book is not banned in my country. I understand that if I go to his country to deliver it, I may get arrested, because I'm ...
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Is the illegality of an action constrained to a country?

John is a citizen of country X. Doing action A is illegal in his country. He travels to country Y where action A is legal (officially legal, that is codified as being legal, not merely tolerated) and ...
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Breaking Laws in Different Jurisdictions

I am a citizen of the United States of America. As such, it is illegal for me to--to take an extreme example--murder. However, say I am going on vacation to a little nation where it is not illegal to ...
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