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"Fair dealing" is the user right or copyright exception that permits uses that would otherwise be infringing. It is the term typically used in Commonwealth jurisdictions. The U.S. analogue is "fair use."

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Guidance on house claim with Insurance company

I have a home in eastern WA that experienced a hail storm about 20 months ago that damaged the roof and 2/4 of the sides of the house. While the roof was replaced without issue, the insurance company ...
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Does the use of imagery to refer to reviewed copyright material count as fair dealing?

Under copyright, as I understand it, the use of images (and other media) can occur without permission in the case of criticism and review. However, sites such as TierMaker uses images to represent ...
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Why aren't software companies required to make good faith efforts to enforce age restrictions?

There are a lot of products and technologies available that support children asking for parental consent before purchases, etc. (Amazon, Microsoft, etc...) And, it really isn't that hard to do to ...
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Reusing copyrighted content (science/EU)

This question is similar to Can taking notes violate copyright? Is taking notes copyright infringement? However, I seek an answer in the context of the laws of the European Union (not, necessarily, ...
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Would Multiple Coupons Stack or Apply Sequentially?

There is an episode of The Office where Michael gives a business five "10% off" coupons and forgets to write "Coupons cannot be combined." In the episode, the business claims they can use the coupons ...
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What is the practical difference between "fair use" and "fair dealing" in Copyright law?

In the united-states, fair-use is a defence to copyright infringement. In other jurisdictions, particularly members or ex-members of the British Commonwealth such as united-kingdom and australia ...
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Is there any way to know (in advance) if a particular arbitrator is fair?

I take my car to a mechanic near my home for service. Each time I do, the shop creates paperwork that includes an arbitration agreement that specifies a particular arbitrator. It seems plausible to ...
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Is a shop that prints your photos on cakes allowed to print photos including people wearing (licensed) brand t-shirts?

A large supermarket chain in the UK allows you to have photos printed on to cakes (they print it onto a layer of icing, then stick that on a cake). It's someone's special birthday and my wife took in ...
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