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Questions tagged [fair-housing-acts]

Questions involving statutes that govern rental, lease, and sale of housing.

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NYC homeless shelter to housing application, food stamps required?

The question is in regards to one in a homeless shelter in the NYC system, which officially is supposed to help the people find some kind of government housing if that person is working etc and some ...
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Landlord notice to quit when planning to leave

I have been living in apartment complex with two other roommates without any issues for two years, paying our rent on time. We were initially on a yearly lease and have since switched to a month to ...
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Equivalents to California's Ellis Act

According to Wikipedia, The Ellis Act (California Government Code Chapter 12.75)1 is a 1985 California state law that allows landlords to evict residential tenants to "go out of the rental business"...
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24 hour "gym" In the city

Lets say someone opens up a 24 hour "gym" installs security cameras everywhere has a couple of bathrooms but the place is made up mostly of rows and rows of couches and some workout ...
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(UK) How to negotiation rent abatement and/or inconvenience compensation due to urgent disruptive flat repair?

TL;DR: Upstairs neighbour renovation discovered a structural damage that affects my privately rented flat. Week-long very disruptive repair pending whilst I have to teach from home with no where else ...
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Is it okay not to refund token money?

Last week we had a verbal commitment with our prospective buyer regarding our 3BHK apartment in Bangalore and we were happy that they were interested to buy our house. We did not took any token money ...
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UK London - Tenancy Agreement - 2 Months notice on fixed term end

Backstory : 1 month before my Fixed Term ends, my landlord called me and said that he would be increasing the price of property, which basically made me start looking for other properties. After 6 ...
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