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I am being harassed by mother, stepfather, and rapist on false allegations [closed]

I had a rough upbringing, and had some misdemeanor charges in 3 different counties where i am from. A state over there were some pics of a woman that looked jusy like me using stolen credit card ...
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Which payroll tax and labor laws are relaxed when hiring a family member instead of a regular employee caregiver in California?

There is plenty of information already for an elderly dad hiring a caregiver as a household employee in California such as this check list for California tax and labor laws. And this check list is ...
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What are the consequences for a family fight in the US?

If a mother (senior) first tries to slap her daughter (30+ yrs old), but the mother missed, and then the daughter grabs the clothes her mom is wearing, and slams her mother against the wall, what kind ...
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Was it illegal to borrow my cousins trailer without his permission but leaving notes?

I borrowed my cousins utility trailer while he was at work. (Mine broke down with time-sensitive cargo on it and we borrow stuff from each other all the time.) I left him 3 notes explaining the dire ...
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How much is a child's income allowed to benefit their parents?

I asked this on Finance and they said it was a Law question. Let's say you are an ordinary family, and one of your young children is lucky enough to be cast in a huge blockbuster movie franchise, for ...
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Is there legal precedent when there is no permission granted & a sibling enters your room? They were caught on camera

I am interested to know if trespass will be considered if its a family member. The door was closed & permission was not granted. There was nothing wrong being done but they just enter & walk ...
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Have I misread Hermesmann v. Seyer?

Hermesmann v. Seyer (State of Kansas ex rel. Hermesmann v. Seyer, 847 P.2d 1273 (Kan. 1993)) To me, the opinion of the court implies A) Single mothers work too many hours for too little pay to raise a ...
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If I am part of a family trust but was under age can my grandmother or mother settle in court for a lump sum of money and have me taken off the will

My great grandfather left a family trust; my grandmother says she sold my portion in court to the trustee while I was under age. Is that legal? I am from California, U.S.A
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How many days do you have to live somewhere in Texas before you have residency in a home?

A woman has to move in with her parents because she fears becoming homeless while her husband is on probation for a felony DWI. Over 4 years of probation while living there the parents become ...
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Can a family ask the government to hide the details of a relative's death?

I know of a fictional story plot where the cause of someone's death is unknown. The death may be due to natural causes, or it could be murder. The government investigates, but the findings are hidden ...
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Lifetime of gaslighting, abuse, and being forced to take Ritalin. Permanent brain damage. Unable to quit. Can I sue my parents and/or psychiatrists? [closed]

Sydney, Australia. I was coerced into taking Ritalin at age 4. Now I'm 28 and the long term effects have ruined my life, plus being "medicated" with this stuff went hand in hand with ...
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If you win a family court appeal in MS can you request another judge?

If a person wins an appeal in MS family court due to no guardian ad litem being appointed when allegations of child abuse are made known does the appellant have grounds to request another judge or ...
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Giving contact information on estranged family member without consent

Background: I'm based in the UK, specifically in England whilst my brother is in Scotland. We are also both adults. I have a bit of a weird situation and I wanted to know where I stand legally. ...
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How to talk about your family/parents without saying if it's your Mother or Father specifically? Any legal issues for writing about your parent(s)?

Reformulated in other's words (thank you commenters, mods please preserve the comments as originally posted so you can read the source), my question is: (A) Is referring to a parent specifically ...
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How is the "Truthfulness In Statements To Others" evaluated by a judge or the ABA?

In accordance to ABA 4.1, what are the conditions that would qualify a lawyer of unethical conduct in violation of rule 4.1?
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Is it possible to get a divorce on documents completed online?

For a long time I avoided meeting my husband because I didn't want to divorce him. I think that without my consent, he cannot start a divorce proceedings. However, yesterday he brought me ready-made ...
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Minor's legal right to his personal property

I am the legal guardian of my 14-year-old grandson and have been since he was 2 years old. He has resided with his Aunt for the past 6 years. Due to issues concerning his safety in her home, he has ...
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Suing over unjust inheritance distribution

My grandfather owned a total of 60 acres of land in multiple places. After his death and with the lack of personal will, the land by law was supposed to be distributed equally among all of his ...
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How can I protect my family land, my family relationships, and my husband? [closed]

My grandmother is the sole owner of 40 acres of land. Her will states that it will be divided between her children, my aunt and my dad, upon her death. My father died a few years ago, and my ...
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Illinois stay at home and visitation time

Currently Illinois is on a stay at home order based on current conditions with covid19. My sons (who has asthma) biological father decided to still go on vacation to Florida. The day he gets back he ...
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My wife does not eat since 4 days, and threats me by divorce. How to save our family with a baby? [closed]

We are in Germany. Both of us, and also our baby (2 months old) are the citizen of another (EU) country. Recently she became very crazy, and I don't know, what to do. She does not eat. The case is ...
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