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Questions involving fungible assets -- especially securities and loans (mortgages, debts, etc.).

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How are MMOs with real money economies allowed to operate?

A lot of Massively Multiplayer Online games include a form of "premium" in-game economy that may be purchased with real money (cash) by the player, usually for the purposes of faster progression in ...
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Is the historic behavior occurring on Reddit (millions of people promoting the buying and holding of GameStop stock) illegal?

I've been a member of the subreddit r/wallstreetbets for some time now, it's this hilarious cult-like community that jokes about investment gains / losses and people celebrate making / losing money on ...
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Familial exemption for investment advisor representative

My parents have asked me to trade for them and they offered me a fraction of any profit. My plan is to set up a limited trade agreement and then manage the account's trades. Before doing so, I want ...
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Is it a crime to take out a loan with no intention to repay?

This question on Money.SE concerned a person who had taken out a number of loans. He didn't intend to repay these loans in full, planning instead to default and leave the country. Several posters on ...
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How does insider trading law affect bitcoin exchanges?

The Bitcoin network is predicated on the premise that it is difficult to find 'low' hash values for a given input. This is an incredibly safe bet because of the way the algorithm is implemented - if ...
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What was wrong with the 2010 Flash Crash?

While looking for recent market crashes, I came upon 2010 Flash Crash. However, I am unable to understand what wrong the alleged perpetrator, Navinder Singh Sarao, did. Entering an "order to sell ...
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Could the Intel CEO be accused of insider trading?

A few weeks back, the Intel CEO sold all the company shares he was allowed to. Yesterday, it was reported that a big security flaw existed in virtually all Intel processors sold in the last decade. ...
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Can a business impose a minimum amout for credit card payment without notice?

Recently, I visited a bar I regularly attend and purchased what I normally get, which has a pre-tip total of less than $10. When I went to pay the check with my credit card, I was told that there was ...
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How to stop pyramid MLM in India

Pyramid Multi Level Marketing in illegal in India, where the source of income is from recruiting downline and the joining fees. I have seen a lot of such companies working: some of them are registered ...
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Can I fight a charge from forgetting to cancel a subscription?

I just got charged a substantial fee for renewing some domains that are years old, (old enough that my card on file had expired, so I don't know how they even managed to charge it) that I had ...
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Using insider trading knowledge to trade on a competitor

In Australia, there are two major grocery companies, Woolworths and Coles. Now suppose I work for Woolworths and I become aware of a technological breakthrough that will dramatically increase the ...
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What are the consequences of being party to a OFAC prohibited transaction?

The US Treasury has sanctioned Tornado Cash which is a tool for mixing Cryptocurrency. Since the sanctions don't actually stop this tool from working someone has used it to send small amounts of funds ...
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Can I buy 2 earthquake policies on the same home?

I live in a state with stupidly expensive state-sponsored earthquake insurance. To get a 5% deductible, I basically have to buy 1/10 of a house over my lifetime... but the chance of losing my home to ...
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What kind of lawyer should I seek to understand compliance requirements for processing credit cards?

I'm starting up a company that currently uses Stripe as a payment processor. However, their fees cut a huge chunk our of our margin and they don't offer the full functionality we need, specifically ...
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