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3 answers

Is it illegal to voluntarily work longer than the law allows?

Let Bob be a software developer that can work from home. Bob's contract says he has to work 40h/week. The employer offers a flexible distribution of those hours and doesn't care when Bob works, as ...
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GDPR: Is giving out customer name and implied existence of customership legal?

I'm an employee (software developer) for a company that acts a data processor, and the company that is a client and data controller has requested a feature that I find questionable. The purpose is to ...
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Can I name a business (restaurant) after a fictional character (Jughead Jones from Archie Comics)

I'm far from ready to start a business at the moment, but I'm definitely considering it and working towards being more ready. That being said, I'm mostly considering starting my own restaurant, and I'...
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1 vote
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Can we collect data from minors to operate a competition with a prize?

We're planning to run a simple competition at an event. It's a skill based competition (not a lottery), where the best score at the end of the event will receive an android tablet. No purchase is ...
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2 answers

Water payment dispute

Basically I finished up my rental contract in Finland and my landlord told me the water consumption was very high and that I need to pay an extraordinary payment of over €1500 for the course of a year....
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3 answers

What can we do with people still travel under corona pandemic?

What can we do with those people who still decided to travel (for skiing, example) and causing huge problems after they return, even though they know the fact that corona virus (or anything new in the ...
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Has a programmer made a crime if a program copies data too many times?

I saw that in Finnish law, one can make a few copies for his own use. Suppose that a junior programmer downloads a dataset for his own use from legal source. But then he makes a mistake in programming ...
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1 answer

Finland: Criteria to judge a drawn picture child pornography (and legality of virtual child pornography in general)

According to this article on Wikipedia (and this for the source): [...] and realistic, if it resembles in a misleading manner a picture or a visual recording produced through photography or in ...
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2 answers

GDPR - Do we need to give individual mixed personal data of 2 individuals? (Right of access)

Individual is asking for phone recording which contains personal information of that individual and our marketing person, it also contains our sales speech. Do we need to provide copy of phone ...
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Is there a general definition for "with good manners"?

Is there a general definition for "with good manners"? Like it's used e.g. in relation to termination of employment relationship. The Finnish employment law for example states that ...
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