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Is it legal for a bank to trap you in an ATM vestibule?

In an episode of Friends, Chandler is in an ATM vestibule when a power blackout happens. The door to the vestibule automatically locks and he (and a supermodel) are trapped inside until the power ...
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2 answers

Is there a burden of proof of a force majeure event occurring?

I have a contract with an equipment hosting company that contains a 'Force Majeure' clause. I was informed a few weeks ago that this clause was activated due to a blown transformer caused by unusually ...
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What tests would apply to a claim of "Force Majeure" / "Act of God"? [duplicate]

Question Is there a legal test or standard that would apply to help figure out if Force Majeure applies or not? A test that would determine if a company is trying to escape an unfortunate contract out ...
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What Is the Impact of Liability on Billing for Work Not Done?

First things first, sorry for the uninspiring title. Please edit it if you have a better one for the question! This question arose from a comment on a related question which I posted. The question ...
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Amending a contract for COVID-19 for reasonable delay for a known event [closed]

I am negotiating a contract with a client prospect which includes the following Force Majeure clause: "Neither party shall be liable for any delay or failure to perform its obligations hereunder ...
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1 answer

What effect does an event like the current Covid-19 pandemic have on contractural obligations?

Across the world, the current pandemic, and various government responses to it will impact on parties abilities to perform their obligations under a contract. What are the legal implications of this?...
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