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Crimes commited in foreign country with capital punishment

So the death penalty does not exist in the UK, and correct me if I'm wrong, but I beleive our laws also state that a person may not be extradited for prosecution if the conviction of the crime will ...
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Sham gift scheme to evade foreign buyer tax

Reading the National party's intention to impose 15% tax on foreigners buying property in New Zealand, I wonder if the following scheme could well flourish if that plan came to reality. Say Yáng, a ...
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Is the local presence of a foreign non-GDPR state a data controller subject to the provisions of the Data Protection Act 2018?

Consider that state X is not subject to the gdpr, however, it has a diplomatic presence in the UK. If the state were a tech company that operated in or even simply offered services to people in, the ...
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Diplomatic law and car plates

What should the Ministery of Foreign Affairs of a country A do in the case in which the diplomatic car plate number is stolen in a country B? And what should the State Department do?
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Should I get divorce before I can marry again in the US? [closed]

I am in the US with F-2 visa. My husband and I are not US citizens or Green Card holders. We are here with F-1 and F-2 visas and our marriage happened in our home country. Now I want to marry with a ...
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Can Indian Company file a Civil Suit against a Foreigner

A common foreign client is simultaneously in discussion with Company A and Company B in India. The so called client states that Company B product is a copy of Company A's product during the demo ...
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Sanctions against dealing in Bitcoin

Some countries are treating dealing in Bitcoin as seriously as drug-dealing and money laundering [0]. Suppose that you are a citizen of another country (and normally live in it) that does not have ...
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how to know if somebody sued you in germany?

2 years ago before I left Germany someone I knew said that he will file a lawsuit against me :( I am now not in Germany and I didn't give this guy my address in my current country but how can I know ...
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Can we bring a foreign national to court in Australia?

I have a contract violator who is a foreign national. Can I bring him to court in Australia? The contract was made online. It was just a simple email: will you do this task for me? I will pay you ...
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Bonds of foreign reputed companies and Army bonds

Do the functioning of Bonds cease after the date of maturity of the bonds? In what respects Army bonds differ from Bonds of foreign companies operating in INDIA? if ...
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Can China use the archipelagic doctrine

China has been constructing man-made islands strategically placed on the perimeters of their so called nine-dash line. The question is, can China invoke the archipelagic doctrine to strengthen their ...
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What is the Basis in Law that an "Investigation 'Quid Pro Quo'" is Unlawful or Unconstitutional?

In cases of investigating election fraud, there seems to be a potential for a conflict of interest no matter who investigates it. So, why can't the White House investigate campaign issues (involving ...
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Contours of a national emergency in the United States

Are there any 'bright lines' that prevent an administration (not just the current administration, but future administrations as well) from regularly resorting to the national security argument when it ...
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How did the US enforce citizenship-based taxation before FATCA?

In 2010, Barack Obama signed "FATCA" (which has since been widely derided as a disaster) into law. FATCA essentially forces all banks in the world to help the US identify Americans who have money ...
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When does a person lose diplomatic status?

Ahmed Ali Muthana, father of Hoda Muthana, "claims" that he was no longer working as a diplomat at the time of his daughter's birth, thereby insisting that his daughter was born a US citizen under the ...
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Lying on FATCA form

I am a British citizen born to an American mother in Britain. I went to my local bank in England recently to open a high interest savings account. At one point the clerk asked me if I am a U.S. ...
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Is it possible to sue a UK based company from the US regarding debt collection?

I have a US-based LLC. The LLC is a service oriented company as opposed to product oriented. And all work is performed in the US. A UK-based client is delinquent in payments. The amount in dispute is ...
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