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Rekindling the right of forfeiture in respect of old outstannding debts for unpaid service charges after waiver for the same

Alice bought a lease on a residential property but fell behind on her service charges. She is threatened with forfeiture, her landlord already having obtained a CCJ in default in respect of the unpaid ...
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Does forfeiture for service charge arrears result in total loss of leasehold price?

Alice purchased a leasehold of 100 years for £100 million, yet it requires her to pay £5000pa in service charges. After 5 years Alice starts to fall behind on her service charges and eventually ...
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Do debt respite moratoriums afford protection from s146 forfeiture? [closed]

Alice is a leaseholder who has fallen behind on her service charge liabilities. Can she dodge forfeiture such as under s146 LPA1925 by entering a debt respite moratorium under the breathing space ...
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What kind of claims did Ryan Salame forfeit in the FTX trial?

There is a recent article about the trial of Ryan Salame surrounding the crypto-currency platform FTX. The article starts with the big headline that he forfeited $1,5 billion and then writes later on ...
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