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Is there a specific law protecting undersea cables?

It is in the news that the Yemeni republic are saying the Houthis may target the undersea communication cables that run through the red sea. Shipping is protected by specific international treaties ...
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Rekindling the right of forfeiture in respect of old outstannding debts for unpaid service charges after waiver for the same

Alice bought a lease on a residential property but fell behind on her service charges. She is threatened with forfeiture, her landlord already having obtained a CCJ in default in respect of the unpaid ...
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2 votes
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Does forfeiture for service charge arrears result in total loss of leasehold price?

Alice purchased a leasehold of 100 years for £100 million, yet it requires her to pay £5000pa in service charges. After 5 years Alice starts to fall behind on her service charges and eventually ...
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What kind of claims did Ryan Salame forfeit in the FTX trial?

There is a recent article about the trial of Ryan Salame surrounding the crypto-currency platform FTX. The article starts with the big headline that he forfeited $1,5 billion and then writes later on ...
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