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What is the legality of France specifically banning all pro-Palestinian protests?

French Prime Minister Gérald Darmanin has recently instructed the prefects (regional state representatives) to ban all pro-Palestinian protests as they are "likely to cause a public disturbance&...
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Does implied consent protect an organization's ability to discipline former members?

Somewhat inspired by this question, I found this website. To summarize, they imply that they would be legally protected from civil suits from former members who are being disciplined. Would this ...
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Legality of legacy Delta advertisement [closed]

Would the following advert be illegal currently? What specific laws would it disobey and why? Or would it be totally legal? It's hardly controversial compared to i.e. Tinder adverts, or Sex in the ...
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Does the right of the people peaceably to assemble apply to peaceful members of a group that partially becomes violent?

If John, Alice, and a bunch of other people are peacefully protesting, and then John and some others start acting violently, does the First Amendment give Alice and the others the right to continue ...
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