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Is it illegal to report a crime at an opportune moment for profit?

In the movie "Nightcrawler (2014)", MC video-tapes crimes (to submit to news outlets for money). MC sees some murderous criminals commit a crime, identifies them, and let's them leave. Then ...
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Is paying a news publisher to not publish negative press about you legal?

Today, I saw on the news that the prosecution in the current criminal case against former President Trump brought in a tabloid publisher to testify that Trump paid him to not publish negative press ...
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Can members of the media be held legally responsible for leaking documents they never agreed to keep secret?

Larry the Leaker is high up in the US government, and has access to highly classified information/documents. He goes to John the Journalist, and tells him to publish all of it. Obviously, Larry has ...
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Is it legal to paraphrase a paid Wall Street Journal article in its entirety and publish the paraphrased article for free? [duplicate]

I know that in many countries republishing any web article from another website without consent is considered a form of plagery and copyright enfringement and is therefore illegal. But I am looking to ...
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Freedom of the press regarding secret government information?

There's quite a scandal going on in Switzerland about secret government information that was leaked to the press during the pandemic. Some government employees apparently have mailed information about ...
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Are the newspapers allowed to print the house number when it's subject to a Closure Order?

If a house is subject to a Closure Order made under the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, can the press, especially local newspapers, publish the house number as well as the street ...
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Can satire be libel?

Can a clearly marked satirical article claiming someone said something (which they did not) that would seriously damage the person's reputation be considered libel? For example, if Biden actually said ...
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Can a school control an independent student newspaper

A friend of me has founded a student newspaper in Germany that has an acronym of the schools name in its title. Like HBS instead of Harvard Business School. Internationally there are dozens of schools ...
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Is it possible to be in violation of 18 USC 2339 accidentally?

During its military operation to reduce Hamas' military capabilities, Israeli airforce destroyed an office complex in Gaza. Israel has claimed that it had absolutely certain information that Hamas' ...
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