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Is it legal to leave religious tracts in public places?

In Oregon, it it legal to leave religious tracts in public places? Would it be considered littering?
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Does Article 1 Section 3 of the Oregon Constitution give taxpayers the right to prevent their taxes from being used to fund abortion?

Section 3. Freedom of religious opinion. No law shall in any case whatever control the free exercise, and enjoyment of religeous [sic] opinions, or interfere with the rights of conscience. — Could ...
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Starting a new religion in India

Context Indian constitution provides fundamental right to freedom of religion (Article 25,26,27,28 among others). India is country with secular constitution. However many personal laws regarding ...
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How does NC's atheism prohibition fit with the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution?

In 1971, the US State of North Carolina rewrote its constitution. According to this source, one of the purposes of this was that "Ambiguities and sections seemingly in conflict with the U.S. ...
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Can a church-run university terminate employees because of their religion?

There are a number of churches in the United States that operate universities, and I understand that these universities are legally permitted to give preference to members of the church when hiring ...
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Is It Legal to Mention “The Creator” in U.S. Public Schools?

I give lots of guest presentations to K-18 schools/universities all over the world. Since the subject is Space exploration, I frequently feel the need to invoke (using one of these very "generic&...
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Does the first amendment protect children forced to receive a religious education?

Many parents "force" their children to receive religious education. Does the children's U.S. First Amendment right to freedom of religion allow them to get the police to stop their parents ...
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Does Norway's new "LGBTQ+ Hate Speech" outlaw reading parts of religious texts in churches / mosques?

Recently I read a National Review article titled Norway’s ‘LGBTQ+ Hate Speech’ Law. It quotes from a Reuters article Norway outlaws hate speech against trans and bisexual people. That article is ...
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Given the US Constitution's 1st Amendment freedom of religion, how can current pandemic restrictions on worship be legal?

The 13th amendment ending slavery and involuntary servitude, which has a big "except" for allowing it as a punishment for crimes. The 1st amendment has no exceptions listed though. It also ...
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Is it possible to be awarded damages in a First Amendment case?

The case is a de facto promotion of religion by a local municipality. A private citizen has placed a religiously promotive flyer on the notices board at the department of a local municipality. The ...
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Is this grounds for Child Protection Services

If a religious parent found out their child was an atheist or part of the LGBT community, then freaked out about it and told them I rather have you dead than have you be what you are. Can CPS remove ...
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Is there any judicial precedent regarding US governors' power (or lack thereof) to limit church attendance in an emergency?

A federal judge in Kansas ruled it might be unconstitutional: A federal judge signaled that he believes there's a good chance that Kansas is violating religious freedom and free speech rights with a ...
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