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Claiming a copycat version of a well-known, out of print board game is similar to the original

Under intellectual property law, is it permissible to create a version of an out-of-print board game that is protected by copyright, but not by patent, by changing its design elements (cards, game ...
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Non-commercial Tabletop RPGs using the Games Workship IP guidelines?

It was suggested I post here instead of RPG stackoverflow :) I’m trying to figure out to what extent fan Tabletop RPGs set in the 40k universe are allowed, clearly anything commercial is off the table ...
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Copying a parody of a movie using a fan's 3D model

I really like a board game. This game includes artistic references (as parody) to a well-known movie. I wanted to improve the pieces of the board game (which were 2-dimensional) to augment my own ...
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Exactly what part of a game can be under copyright or patent?

I have searched the internet and I have understood that copyright will cover the names and graphics of games while patents are for the idea/mechanics of the game. My questions are: Am I right? If so ...
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