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Is there any legal trouble in a book including a game similar "Jeopardy"? [duplicate]

I am writing a book that includes classroom games. Though most are generic, one core trivia format matches "Jeopardy" in the classroom. The teacher pastes cards on the wall, with questions ...
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How is Null Signal Games able to make more Netrunner sets without violating copyright?

Null Signal Games has been publishing new sets for the 2012 Netrunner living card game since Fantasy Flight Games lost their license in 2018. How are Null Signal Games able to publish content for a ...
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Claiming a copycat version of a well-known, out of print board game is similar to the original

Under intellectual property law, is it permissible to create a version of an out-of-print board game that is protected by copyright, but not by patent, by changing its design elements (cards, game ...
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Non-commercial Tabletop RPGs using the Games Workship IP guidelines?

It was suggested I post here instead of RPG stackoverflow :) I’m trying to figure out to what extent fan Tabletop RPGs set in the 40k universe are allowed, clearly anything commercial is off the table ...
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Copying a parody of a movie using a fan's 3D model

I really like a board game. This game includes artistic references (as parody) to a well-known movie. I wanted to improve the pieces of the board game (which were 2-dimensional) to augment my own ...
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Exactly what part of a game can be under copyright or patent?

I have searched the internet and I have understood that copyright will cover the names and graphics of games while patents are for the idea/mechanics of the game. My questions are: Am I right? If so ...
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