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Can i be sued when im just getting back on my feet [closed]

im being sued for becoming default on truck payments because during covid i became homeless ended up living in my truck with 3 children n then was gifted a camper we lived in camper for a year with no ...
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If someone received the Minimum Subsistence Guarantee in China, but were fined for having extra children, how did that affect their income?

The Minimum Subsistence Guarantee (MSG) was reportedly "RMB 677.6 per person per month and in rural areas this amount reaches RMB 496.9 per person per month (2020)" (That's about 100 USD in ...
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What can be done about unlawful garnishment?

A debt collector claims that you owe a debt. You dispute the debt. The debt collector "garnishes" your debt without the requisite court order. Your employer agrees to do so, and deducts the ...
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I was wrongly identified for wage garnishment to whom can I make a complaint to?

Here is what happened: Performant Recovery Inc got an administrative wage garnishment order from US Department of Treasury They wrongly identified me as owing student loan debt (i.e., the last four ...
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