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How can misattributed paternity cause "a welfare minefield"?

It is in the news that a council was denied their request to force a DNA test on a child where there was a case of suspected intentional misattributed paternity. In criticising the family involved ...
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Is addiction a disability?

Is addiction considered a disability for employment and beneftis rights? Does it matter if the addiction is legal: say gambling or alcohol; or illegal: drugs or theft (Kleptomania)?
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what types of businesses or service providers must give concessionary pricing to those in benefits and/or disabled?

In England the practice is so widespread among various types of institutions that it must be not only rooted in some degree of societal tradition but also some statutory provisions of some sort. What ...
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Dual national treated different to single national in the benefit system

I know somebody who put in for a claim for his child's Disability Living Allowance (DLA). His child is a dual national, they asked for a copy of the child's passport. The staff confirmed it is because ...
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Unemployment standards

Is it possible to still be able to recieve unemployment due to depression with family matters having agreed with employer and person that resigning due to family matters causing one not being able to ...
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Recourse to public funds as a legal aid eligibility criteria?

For example, What is the overlap or general relationship between "no recourse to public funds" and eligibility for legal aid? Is legal aid encompassed by NRPF? It surely can't be in an ...
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Housing benefit and tenant in prison

Presume that Alice rents out property in the UK, and the tenant Bob claims housing benefit, which gets paid directly to Alice's bank account by the government. Now Bob has recently been sentenced to 2 ...
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