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2 answers

US residency law for green card holders

It's been about 4 yrs that I have my green card. But it's about 4 months that I'm living out of US now to stay with my parents in a foreign country. How long can I continuously stay outside the US to ...
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Does divorce affect citizenship?

Assume a woman marries a foreign man for the purposes of him gaining citizenship. They stay married for a few years but never actually develop a real romantic relationship and by this point the woman ...
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If a foreigner marries a green card holder in the US, will the foreigner also be entitled to a green card at some point?

Also, what is the difference between a foreigner marrying a green card holder vs a citizen of the US?
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May an F-2 visa holder marry inside the US with a US citizen/green card holder without ending the previous marriage?

If someone with F-2 visa status comes to the US, then wants to marry with a US citizen/green card holder, should he/she ends/gets divorce of his/her previous wife/husband even if their marriage ...
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Staying in U.S while waiting for I-130 and I-485 application

I am an international student (with F-1 visa) living in the U.S. and I have recently filed the I-130 and I-485 forms together. I am an immediate relative to a U.S. Citizen. I will graduate soon in ...
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Book Revenues/Royalties That are Exempt from the Social Security Tax

Consider the following three was of publishing a book in the United States: (1) Find a publisher that will publish your manuscript. (2) Form an LLC and publish the book under that title. (3) Upload ...
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What are good documents for a convincing case of cross-chargeability for US's legal permanent residence?

According to US's rules of chargeability an immigrant shall be charged to the numerical limitation for the foreign state or dependent area of birth, unless the case falls within one of the exceptions ...
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Do US companies have access to check out their job applicants immigration status?

I am wondering do companies in USA have access to a database to check out if a job applicant has US Green Card or not? I saw on USCIS website that says if you want to check someone's immigration ...
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Is it possible to change your name while applying for a Green Card in the US?

Is it possible to get a Green Card with a different name of your current name? Or change it as soon as getting the Green Card? I am on F-1 student visa in the US and want to apply for an EB-2/NIW/...
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To regain US citizenship

Say Bob is married to Amy. They are both US citizens. One day, Bob decides to renounce his US citizenship (not for the purpose of avoiding taxes), but his wife remains a US citizen. In this scenario, ...
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