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Questions tagged [hacking]

Non-normative tag for questions relating to the use of information technology, typically in unintended manners.

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3 answers

Bypassing website's paywall by modifying HTTP request headers

Recently I see some debates about bypassing paywalls by modifying browser's HTTP request as stated on ghack. Most paywalled websites allow users to read a certain number of free articles before ...
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Is it legal to publish email that someone sent to me?

I'm not asking whether it is ethical - that would be a totally different question. I'm asking whether it is legal? In my book - in my way how I interpret consensual reality - once I press SEND ...
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13 votes
1 answer

Can it be illegal to press f12 in a web browser?

There is a case in the news where a journalist identified a security issue in the web site of the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education that exposed 100,000 social security numbers....
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Legality of Avast Vulnerability Scanning on Networks

I observed behavior from certain Avast security products, where the products will scan other computers/devices in an internal network for security vulnerabilities. I noticed that the behavior from ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Will a site get into trouble if it's users use it's resources for unethical/unhealthy things on the internet?

Take the site for example. What if someone uses the temporary email and logs into somewhere on the internet and does something illegal. When the investigations happen, the email will ...
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how are companies like metasploit and trustedsec and rapid7 legally protected?

rapid7 and trustedsec develop professional penetration testing software rapid7 also sells a pro version of question is that if someone uses their software illegally how are those ...
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Imagine that I am some random person in an ordinary democratic country. Can I hack or spam or scam hostile foreign governments?

Imagine that I am some random person in an ordinary democratic country. Can I hack or spam or scam hostile foreign governments? E.G. a DDOS attack on the servers of the Russian Rosgvardia or black fax ...
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2 answers

How do laws against computer intrusion handle the modern situation of devices routinely being under the de facto control of non-owners?

Current versions of Microsoft Windows will automatically update themselves. That's usually great, but they also are designed to update themselves even if the owner of the device wants them to not do ...
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2 answers

Hacking devices to unlock features: Legal or not?

There are 2 models of multimeter, A and B. Physically they are absolutely identical, yet model B has some functions unlocked, that are locked in model A. B costs about $400 more than A. If one tampers ...
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5 votes
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If a hacker is infected as a result of their actions, is the victim liable?

If a hacker gained unauthorized access to a computer network, downloaded a virus that was on a computer and infected their own system, would the victim of the hacker be liable for damages? Does it ...
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1 answer

Is it illegal to reverse engineer an unsecured API

Is it legal to reverse engineer an unsecured API? Simple REST API used in Android app No SSL (just straight HTTP) Passwords are sent in plain text over this HTTP API I ran the Android app and ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Is it legal to publish personal information obtained in public?

Lets say I built a device using some software like NFCProxy or a hardware/software kit like Proxmark3 and just stood in middle of a sidewalk with a high amount of foot traffic and I passively captured ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Legality of scanning a site with SSLLabs SSL Server Test in order to find and report weaknesses

I am wanting to scan a site (which I do not own) to see if they are vulnerable to anything like Heartbleed or the POODLE attack, not because I want to exploit any such vulnerabilities for malicious ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Is distributing software that makes modifications to video games legal?

Unlike most game mods (which are, to my knowledge, a distribution of a copy of modified game software), I'm writing a small desktop application which allows users to make their own custom changes (...
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Under what circumstances could laying hacker "traps" cause civil or criminal liability for non-law enforcement civilians?

The answer to If a hacker is infected as a result of their actions, is the victim liable? that explained laying a trap to injure someone could go either way depending on the severity of the injury and ...
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3 votes
0 answers

When is a permission required to attack a system?

Never attack something you don't have a permission for! This is one of the golden rules of penetration testing, yet it's surprisingly unclear. What exactly counts as an attack, and when do I need ...
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Is there any country where hacking back is legal?

Building on this unanswered question: Under what circumstances could laying hacker "traps" cause civil or criminal liability for non-law enforcement civilians? I was wondering if there was ...
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2 answers

How can I safely provide a free online service?

I am developing a website for secure sharing credentials. Similar to . How can I protect myself and hopefully eliminate all my liability, while still providing a service "...
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Is it legal to publish free offline cheats and at the same time have a Patreon for donations?

I am a person who like to do a lot of things for living. I was wondering of releasing offline cheats for free with a Patreon for donations ONLY. Is it illegal to do that or legal? I really need a ...
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Which kind of lawyer does a hacking and spying victim need? [closed]

In the event that someone hacks your devices in order to let people on the internet spy on you every day, which kind of lawyer do you need to attack the situation? Based on what's being done and how ...
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Malicious actions by individual moderators

This is a follow up on a previous question. Using Stack Exchange as a example, moderators should be able to destroy the site within minutes by automated means. There is no meaningful terms of service. ...
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