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Is threatening to share copies of an online discussion with an employer, in order to stifle opposition, illegal in any way?

Some political groups use the practice of threatening people with sharing screenshots of an online discussion to the debate opponent's employer, to get the debate opponent fired. This seems like an ...
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How are damages for landlord harassment calculated?

Apparently there are various bases for establishing landlord harassment. Section 28’s method in the housing act 1988 applies where it has caused the occupier to give up occupation. But what if it hasn’...
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Would I expose myself to liability by verbally abusing a debt collector?

I recently started receiving calls from a debt collector about a debt that I disputed and refused to pay 13 years ago. All the other debt collectors gave up around 10 years ago. They told me right up ...
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Do women have the upper-hand in harassment or other "woman vs man" cases?

Story 1: A man own a house. His girlfriend had recently moved in and he wanted her out. She refused and called the police, claiming that the man committed violence against her. Also he reported that ...
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How to list unknown company using fake Caller ID info in a complaint?

We've been suffering nuisance and harassing calls from one (or more) unknown companies going back to about 2008 or 2010 or so. Online searches does not reveal the owners of the number, and Verizon ...
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Is Doxing illegal in Iceland?

While it is my understanding that electronically or postally publishing someone's personal information in an attempt to cause them emotional distress, intimidate them, or place them in reasonable fear ...
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Does what I describe constitute sexual harassment?

I went to see a therapist for help with my mental health and relationship issues, and after a series of events she spread open her legs in a sexually suggestive manner while telling me I was in a ...
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