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Can factual information be considered impermissible hate speech if it offends someone?

As I recall, Canada's hate speech laws state that speech need only be "likely to expose a group/person to contempt" to be considered criminal hate speech. Several years ago, I watched a ...
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When does a "resemblance" become a banned Nazi symbol?

It is in the news that Adidas has banned football fans from buying German football kits customised with the number 44, after media raised their resemblance to the symbol used by World War Two-era ...
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Is hate speech defined in terms of an impartial principle?

The term “hate speech” is frequently used in public discourse. I do not know if this is a legally defined concept, or if it is instituted by organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center, for ...
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Can a person commit a racially/religiously aggravated or hate crime against their own group?

E.g.: Can a black person be convicted of crimes that are racist against black people? Can a Jewish person be convicted of crimes that are deemed antisemitic? To be clear, this question is about ...
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Does the Wadea Al Fayoume stabbing qualify as a hate crime?

Wadea Al Fayoume was stabbed 26 times Saturday by his family’s landlord in Plainfield Township, Illinois per:
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Is it ever illegal to spread true facts with malicious intent?

Crimes such as defamation usually require that the statement being said is false - truth is an absolute defense. Are there any situations or jurisdictions where truth is not a defense against ...
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What laws cover offences against those with various sets of protected characteristics?

The Equality Act 2010 legally protects people against discrimination, harassment or victimisation based on nine "protected characteristics": age disability gender reassignment marriage and ...
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