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Questions concerning the laws, criminal justice system, civil court procedures and related topics specific to the state of Hawaii.

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Are there no limits to damage waivers or would this go too far?

I am going to make vacation on Hawaii next week. For one day we booked a Ziplining tour. Just after the free cancelation date passed, I was sent a waiver which is required to be signed to participate. ...
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What consitutes a violation of this Hawaii agricultural law?

When arriving onboard an airplane, every passenger is given out the Hawaii Agricultural Declaration Form that states the following: YOU ARE REQUIRED BY STATE LAW TO FILL OUT THIS AGRICULTURAL ...
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What is a "significant behavioral, emotional, or mental disorder" for the purpose of firearm disqualification in Hawaii?

According to Hawaii Statutes §134-7 (3) (my emphasis), no person who Is or has been diagnosed as having a significant behavioral, emotional, or mental disorders as defined by the most current ...
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Can my HOA force us to pay additional costs for unnecessary capital improvements?

TL;DR: Can an HOA force homeowners to pay a large 1-time fee for installation of a street gate and increased monthly fees for road maintenance on the private road that is already in the process of ...
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Was anyone held liable/accountable in the 2018 Hawaii False Missile Alert?

On January 13, 2018, with belligerent threats and nuclear tensions between the US and North Korea on a knife edge, civil authorities in the US state of Hawaii sent out an alert to all cell phones, ...
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